Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Vinny Guadagnino opens up about marriage, kids, and how he deals with anxiety

Vinny Guadagnino during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Vinny Guadagnino opens up about marriage, kids, and how he handles his anxiety Pic credit: MTV

Vinny Guadagnino is one of the few remaining Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmates who have yet to settle down in a relationship or start a family.

At this point, he’s fulfilled a few residencies for Chippendales in Las Vegas. He’s also recently filmed two seasons of Double Shot at Love alongside his best friend Pauly DelVecchio and he purchased a new home in California.

While Pauly successfully found love with girlfriend Nikki Hall, Vinny left the show empty-handed.  During the most recent episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, the boys held a similar dating show for their roommate Ronnie Magro-Ortiz.

While Ronnie made the ultimate decision to remain single at the time, Vinny took the opportunity to make a pass at the women and told them to find him in his DM’s.

While Vinny is known to be somewhat of a playboy and has joked in the past about his random hook-ups, and the number of women who message him through social media, he recently went on the Secret Keepers Club podcast and talked to Carly Aquilino about his feelings toward relationships, marriage, and kids.

Does Vinny see marriage and kids in his future?

Knowing how many women love to message Vinny on social media, Carly asked him if he has a hard time getting into a relationship because of the number of options he has with so many women throwing themselves at him.  She also asked if he actually wants to settle down, get married, and have kids.

He said, “It is hard but you have to kind of set your bar higher.  The options are fun but if the thing came along that just made me feel like I’m not giving anything up…I would 100% jump on that.”

Vinny mentioned when he’s found someone like that, they typically haven’t liked him back.  He reflected on the difficulty of dating in his thirties and said that it was easier to find people in his twenties because most weren’t in relationships.

He said he’s started to think his dating pool is getting smaller and smaller and he’s getting stuck with the leftovers.  Vinny said when he does meet a single woman his age, his immediate thought is, “what’s wrong with you?”

When asked about the qualities he’s looked for in another person, Vinny talked about the importance of emotional intelligence.  He felt that once someone learns how to manage their emotions, they stop making decisions out of anger and can have a healthy disagreement with another person.

Vinny’s struggle with anxiety

Vinny opened up about the anxiety he’s struggled with for most of this life.  When asked how the pandemic has affected his anxiety, he discussed how he regulates his own emotions.

He said his anxiety issues have always risen from certain situations.  He recalled being locked up in the house to film the early days of Jersey Shore and how he went crazy without the simple pleasures of a television or a phone.

He said he didn’t eat right, wasn’t sleeping well, and had little to no privacy.  He recalled a point where he no longer felt like himself anymore and needed to learn how to manage his feelings.

Vinny explained that he has good and bad days but he’s learned not to seek perfection.  Nowadays, when anxiety strikes, Vinny has learned to sit with his feelings and differentiate his own thoughts and reactions from the situation itself.

He’s also managed to relieve stress through his workouts at the gym.

He said his ability to reflect on the thoughts that contribute to his anxiety and work through his feelings have allowed him to live with and manage his anxiety on a daily basis.

Vinny is in a much better place in his life than he was when he first graced the television screen a decade ago.

He’s grown up a lot and finally figured out who he is and what he wants out of life.  While he hopes to someday get married and start a family, he continues to wait for the right girl to come along.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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