Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Dr. Drew calls out Jenni Farley for lying about text to Deena Cortese

Deena Cortese and Jenni Farley during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Jenni Farley is forced to come clean about her text message to Deena Cortese during their sit down with Dr. Drew Pic credit: MTV

It looks like tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will be filled with some drama as Dr. Drew Pinsky sits down with the cast to help them move past their issues.

Last week, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro called Dr. Drew to see if he could fly out to Vegas and help the boys get their family back together.

The cast’s main concern was getting Jenni Farley to sit down with Angelina Pivarnick so they could finally hash things out. The group had a couple of uncomfortable family dinners filled with tension and several moments of awkward silence.

The boys were hopeful that since Deena Cortese was able to make amends with Angelina, that Jenni would do the same, but the task proved much more difficult. They hoped that enlisting Dr. Drew’s professional skills could be enough to save the family.

During last week’s episode, Dr. Drew started to talk to Jenni about her feelings about the entire situation and looked to be making some headway.

Deena joined the group conversation and the boys became nervous about who would bring up the “secret text” between Jenni and Deena. With the help of Dr. Drew, Jenni would be forced to face the truth about the text.

The truth comes out about the text

A few episodes ago, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino became shocked when he realized a conversation he had with Deena in the hotel hallway was recorded by several cameras and microphones present during filming.

During their conversation, Deena revealed she received a text from Jenni that said she would not come out to Vegas if Deena gave in to the boys and talked to Angelina. Deena felt uncomfortable and didn’t like being given an ultimatum by her friend.

Deena clearly ignored Jenni’s threat and sat down with Angelina regardless, but she had no idea that the rest of the cast knew about the text or that it would come up during their session with Dr. Drew.

During the preview of tonight’s episode, Dr. Drew questioned Jenni on whether or not she had anything additional she’d like to say. When she didn’t say anything, the boys looked around at one another wondering who was going to break the news about the text.

Ronnie finally “ripped the bandaid off” according to Mike, and revealed that they knew about the text.

Deena reaches her breaking point

After the information about the text was revealed, Jenni defended herself and said she just didn’t want to be forced into anything or bombarded.

The clip then ended with Deena becoming emotional. She explained that she confided in Mike because she really needed someone to talk to and get advice from.

She then became frustrated and said she no longer wanted to talk to anyone and didn’t know what they were trying to do.

While the boys called in Dr. Drew to help their family dynamic, could the plan backfire and cause more harm than good?

Fans can tune in to tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation to see if Dr. Drew can save the family.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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