Jeremy Vuolo bald — What happened to Jinger Duggar’s husband?

Jeremy Vuolo in a Counting On confessional.
Jeremy Vuolo debuted a new look. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are embarking on a new adventure.

The former Counting On couple debuted a vlog last week, and they released the second episode this week.

This one focused on Jinger visiting the SRGN Academy, where she was able to customize her own pair of Air Force 1s.

Jeremy was seen playing Futsal in the video, something he appeared to enjoy.

It was less than 10 minutes long but immediately caught followers’ attention.

In between the sections of filmed content, Jinger and Jeremy narrate and talk about their experiences. While Jinger looked the same, Jeremy didn’t.

Jeremy Vuolo buzzed his hair

Jeremy Vuolo has always been known for his thick dark hair. He’s kept the same style since debuting on Counting On while courting Jinger Duggar, so it was a little shocking when he came up on the screen with a buzz cut.

Interestingly enough, neither party addressed Jeremy’s new look. They used a green screen backdrop, which made some of the video look odd when they talked, as when either moved slightly out of frame, it was visible they had used a fake background.

Jinger and Jeremy on their vlog.
Jeremy and Jinger on their vlog. Pic credit: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo/YouTube

The look is relatively new, as the footage from the vlog wasn’t filmed too long ago, and Jeremy still had a full head of hair while playing Futsal.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo moving into a more secular life?

A lot has changed since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo moved to California.

Her wardrobe, the couple’s thoughts on sharing their children’s lives with the public, and even some of the things they do and support.

They both enjoy sneakers, and Jinger spending the time and money on making her own is a step into the more secular world. From how she was raised to where she is now is leaps and bounds different.

Jeremy has always been more worldly, as he experienced a bit of the wild life while in college and playing sports. That was all dead when he found God and joined the ministry, but it seems some more mainstream things are something Jinger and Jeremy are interested in doing.

As they continue on this vlog adventure and a possible rebrand, it seems that they might be the most successful of the Duggar siblings. Jinger already raked in the most money, and now, she has upped her game.

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1 year ago

Monsters & Critics you call this crap news?

Courtney Puzzo
Courtney Puzzo
1 year ago

uh going bald before age 35 isn’t uncommon in fact around 1/3 of men go bald in that age group its nothing to be ashamed of or surprised by. my dad went bald in his early 30s so has been for over 30 years at this point