Jeremiah Duggar gets realtor license, joins other Duggars in world of real estate

Jeremiah Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jeremiah Duggar now holds a realtor license. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremiah Duggar has joined some family members in the realtor business.

Yesterday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced that he had passed his test and will join the other three family members who also hold a realtor license.

Not only is he now licensed to buy and sell houses for his clients, but he is also a part of another one of the family’s top career choices.

That’s right, Jeremiah is a newly-licensed realtor and a licensed pilot.

Who are the other realtors in the Duggar family?

Aside from Jeremiah Duggar, there are three other realtors in the family. In a congratulatory Instagram post, it was revealed that he joins both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in holding his realtor license. Also, Joseph Duggar has his license.

Real estate is a lucrative business for the Duggars. They buy up houses and flip them for profit.

Jim Bob is also known to have sold houses to his children for only a dollar. This is a way to ensure that the kids are taken care of when the time comes. Joy-Anna Duggar was one of the children who opened up about the minor cost of the house she and Austin Forsyth “bought” from her parents.

Learning that Jeremiah Duggar got his realtor license was surprising. The news about his pilot license was revealed over the summer. This just shows that he is interested in a variety of things and has options for where income comes from.

Jeremiah Duggar and his parents and brother, Joseph.
Pic credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

What’s next for Jeremiah Duggar?

As one of the older unmarried Duggar boys, Jeremiah Duggar has Counting On fans wondering when a courtship will be announced.

He and twin brother, Jedidiah Duggar, live together away from the Duggar compound. Jed is running for office in Arkansas. The two still share a bedroom with their twin beds. That was featured on a recent episode of Counting On.

Both were speculated to have a possible courtship when one was teased, but it turned out their brother, Justin Duggar, was the one courting. Now, the twins and two other brothers, Jason and James, still remain single.

There’s no rush for Jeremiah to get married and start a family. He is enjoying his time with his siblings and getting to do some of the things he enjoys.

For now, it looks like Jeremiah Duggar is keeping busy. With a realtor license and a pilot license, his career options are pretty open.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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