Jennifer Aydin RHONJ tweet resurfaces, viewers call her out for being a ‘fan’

Jennifer Aydin on WWHL.
Jennifer Aydin was an RHONJ fan before she was a cast member. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin was a fan of the show before she was cast.

An old tweet has resurfaced from 2013 that showed Jennifer was interested in joining the RHONJ cast because she was a fan.

This doesn’t sit well with some viewers after a season where Teresa Giudice heavily bashed Jackie Goldschneider for attending her book signing before she was cast.

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RHONJ viewers weigh in on resurfaced Jennifer Aydin tweet

Bravo By Betches shared Jennifer Aydin’s 2013 tweet, along with a The Real Housewives of New Jersey promo picture.

They wrote, “she believed she could, so she did ✨ #RHONJ”

Immediately, RHONJ viewers began to comment. Many of them remember the conversation about Jackie Goldschneider being a fan and called out Jennifer for taking part in bashing her with Teresa Giudice.

One wrote, “So Teresa is ok with Jen as a fan becoming a rhonj, but not Jackie coming to her book signing before becoming a rhonj? Hmm ok ?”

Another said, “And yet she made fun of Jackie and called her a fan…?”

And one more chimed in with, “Remember when people harassed Jackie for being a fan before she was on the show”

It was also noted that Margaret Josephs liked the post. She hasn’t exactly been team Jennifer this season, or any season for that matter.

comments about Jenn on RHONJ.
Pic credit: @bravobybetches/Instagram

Tough RHONJ season for Jennifer Aydin

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is tough for Jennifer Aydin. The season premiere revealed Bill Aydin had an affair when Jennifer was pregnant with a pharmaceutical rep, and when Margaret Josephs called it out, Jennifer confirmed it.

As the rest of the season plays out, there is plenty of drama to come. Jennifer seems to have Teresa Giudice in her corner, and surprisingly, Jackie Goldschneider. In fact, there was a huge confrontation between Jackie and Dolores Catania on the most recent episode, leading RHONJ to realize they were team Jackie this time around.

Jennifer knows it isn’t her season, and she is just trying to skate by until the reunion is filmed. Her husband’s affair drama will be a hot topic moving forward, and she isn’t thrilled about it.

If Jennifer Aydin could have foreshadowed what would happen when she tweeted about wanting to be on the show, perhaps she wouldn’t have been so quick to sign the contract.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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