Jennifer Aydin doubles down on body-shaming comment and calls RHONJ fan a ‘whale’

RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin on WWHL 2023
Jennifer Aydin doubles down on her BravoCon comment. Pic credit: Bravo Media

Jennifer Aydin has been getting blasted online for body-shaming a woman at BravoCon and referring to her as “big boy,” but don’t expect an apology from The Real Housewives of New Jersey star.

Jennifer has doubled down on her remarks after outraged fans called her out.

A clip of the heated exchange was posted online, and the 46-year-old commented again, calling the same woman a “whale.” However, it didn’t end there.

Jennifer was also asked how she would feel if someone said those words to her daughters, and the mom of five made it clear that “Actions have consequences.”

This all started when the shady RHONJ fan asked Jennifer during a panel discussion if she could crawl any further up Teresa Giudice’s a**.

That sparked quite a clapback from Jennifer, who told the woman how much of a real friend she was to Teresa, and then she mocked her appearance.

Some people felt the response was harsh and uncalled for, but Jennifer is not backing down.

Jennifer Aydin doubles down on ‘big boy’ comment and calls the RHONJ fan a ‘whale’

Protest all you want about Jennifer’s rude comment; it won’t make a difference because the RHONJ star is not backing down.

What she is doing is doubling down on her words.

Jennifer recently had another nasty description for the woman who called out her unwavering loyalty to Teresa at BravoCon.

A clip was posted on Instagram by @rhonjsource, who wrote, “@TeresaGiudice & @JenniferAydin put a nasty fan in their place at #BravoCon2023! #TrueFriends 👀.”

The Instagram page and most of their followers were defending Jennifer and Teresa in the comments.

That’s when Jennifer took to the comment section and added, “The whale waddled out…”

Jennifer Aydin claps back at a RHONJ fan
Pic credit: @rhonjsource/Instagram

Jennifer Aydin says ‘actions have consequences’ after being called out by RHONJ fans

Meanwhile, Jennifer was feeling the heat over on X as people aired their feelings about her behavior at BravoCon.

One commenter asked “Soooo@JenniferAydin … wondering what you’d do if a kid called one of your daughters a “BIG BOY with a big mouth?”

The X user added, “Body shaming and knowingly calling them wrong gender. How would you feel? #BravoCon.”

Jennifer responded to the comment but expressed no remorse for her words and noted that her daughters would never be rude.

However, she reasoned that if they did, they “would deserve a response- & they know that. You can’t be rude to someone and then be shocked when they say something rude back. Actions have consequences.”

Jennifer Aydin responds to a commenter on X
Pic credit: @CathrynBraud99/@JenniferAydin/X

What do you think of Jennifer Aydin’s comments, were they deserved, or should she apologize to the RHONJ fan?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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7 months ago

Should apologize. Shaming somebody’s body image is never acceptable.

6 months ago

I think Jennifer drags the show even further down than Teresa does. I would love to see both of them fired.