Jennifer Aydin bashed by viewers after claiming Andy Cohen is rude to her ‘most’ of the time

RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin and Bravo executive Andy Cohen
Jennifer Aydin throws shade at Andy Cohen. Pic credit: Bravo

Jennifer Aydin is being called out after part two of the reunion played out, and she expressed her feelings about Andy Cohen.

To be fair, it was a viewer that took to social media and initially bashed Andy for the way he spoke to Jennifer.

However, once she responded, the critics didn’t take long to share their two cents. That’s when The Real Housewives of New Jersey star realized that not everyone was on her side.

While some agreed that the Bravo executive has been rude to the mom of five, the majority felt he had a reason to be sour toward Jennifer.

Things got quite awkward during the second part of the reunion when it came to light that Jennifer had already told Melissa Gorga about the cheating rumor, yet she played along as if she hadn’t.

The whole thing made absolutely no sense, not to us, and not to Andy Cohen, who was noticeably frustrated during the segment. He also made a snarky comment during Jennifer’s interaction with Rachel Fuda.

However, some people believe that he is especially rude to Jennifer, and she agrees.

Jennifer Aydin says most of the time Andy Cohen is rude to her

After part two of the reunion played out last night, Twitter was aflutter with comments about the cast.

One viewer took to the comment in support of Jennifer, and she bashed Andy saying, “I’m sorry but Andy is beyond rude to @JenniferAydin every time they interact. It’s actually pretty disgusting @Andy#rhonj.”

Jennifer agreed and responded with “Not Every time, just most.”

Jennifer Aydin responds to Twitter comment
Pic credit: @justmirandachi @JenniferAydin/Twitter

The 46-year-old was better off not saying anything because the moment she did, other people jumped into the comments to call her out.

The consensus is that Jennifer’s behavior is the real reason why Andy gets frustrated with her.

RHONJ viewers call out Jenifer Aydin for her behavior

Don’t get it twisted, there were several people in the comments who agreed that Andy is often rude to Jennifer, but she got some tongue-lashing for her behavior as well.

“If Jen could understand that discussions go back and forth and aren’t constant monologue’s, maybe Andy wouldn’t be rude,” reasoned one Twitter user.

“Bc she’s annoying. She doesn’t even say anything useful just likes the sound of her own voice” said someone else.

One commenter said, “Jen needs to know how not to insert herself in every single discussion. Her thirst is comical.”

RHONJ viewers bash Jennifer Aydin on Twitter
Pic credit: @getsomesense9 @LizKHenry1 @HousewivesOrDie/Twitter

Another person told Jennifer, ” Well quit 😂😂😂😂 you talk to much…”

Do you think Andy Cohen is especially rude to Jennifer Aydin? Sound off in the comment section.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Hell No!

Deborah LHorty
Deborah LHorty
1 year ago

Hell No!

1 year ago

No, he’s not. Like the rest of the world we are frustrated that both Jen and Teresa talk over everyone trying to drown then out. They are disgusting and they are the rude ones. Vile comments, setting people up, spreading rumors. Vile they are vile. Not entertains at all. Please exit. Andy has to scream at them, note that we are screaming at them at the same time to STFU.