Jenelle Evans reveals daughter Ensley missed David Eason when they moved to Tennessee says ‘it was really sad’

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans shares how ‘it was really sad’ to watch Ensley be without David Eason when they moved to Tennessee Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans reflected on a difficult time in her life in a YouTube video and shared her experience with her fans.

The YouTube video is part of a series Jenelle started titled Addicted to Growth. In the series, Jenelle reflects on her past mistakes and how she’s learned from her struggles.

During a recent episode, Jenelle reflected on the time she spent apart from her husband, David Eason. They had hit a rough patch in their marriage, and Jenelle had filed a protective order against him, and he was forbidden from contacting her or their daughter Ensley.

At the time, Jenelle moved her family to Tennessee from North Carolina in hopes of starting fresh, but the move proved to be difficult for her children, especially Ensley.

While Jenelle’s son Kaiser was still able to spend time with his father, Nathan Griffith, Ensley started to really miss David and struggled with not seeing her dad.

Jenelle opened up in more detail about what the experience was like and how hard it was for Ensley in particular.

Jenelle shared how ‘it was really sad’ to see Ensley so upset

Jenelle made the move to Tennessee around November of 2019.

Her mother, Barbara Evans, brought Jenelle’s oldest son Jace to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. Jenelle shared that the holiday was difficult as she was accustomed to large family dinners that they’d cook at home, but they opted for a restaurant meal instead.

Jenelle shared that they had Thanksgiving dinner at “Crackel [Cracker] Barrel” and while her mother loved it, Jenelle hated the food, and the entire experience caused her to feel depressed.

What was even more difficult was watching how sad her daughter Ensley was without David.

She said Ensley talked about her father every day and would even start to run up to men that looked like him in the store in hopes that it was him.

Jenelle said that “it was really sad” to watch and she felt bad for her daughter, but she was torn about reaching out to David.

She had recently filed a protective order against him, but she was upset for her daughter and wondered whether it was the right move to come to Tennessee.

Jenelle felt ‘depressed’ while away from David

Despite the several altercations she and David had gotten into, Jenelle felt “depressed” to be away from him.

She shared that she felt lonely in another state by herself and that she hadn’t made any friends there.

Jenelle attended regular therapy sessions in hopes that her counselor could help her work through the complicated emotions she was feeling. She felt like moving her kids away was the right thing to do for them but she really disliked being away from David and not having their family together.

Despite their temporary split, Jenelle eventually caved and reached out to David. She ended up dropping her protective order and moved back to North Carolina to reunite with him.

Since then, the couple has been doing their best to try and make their marriage work despite the harsh criticism they receive from followers.

Even though she is no longer a part of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle continues to keep fans updated through her YouTube series.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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