Jenelle Evans accused of racism in TikTok video, denies mouthing the N-word

Jenelle Evans dancing in TikTok video
Jenelle Evans in the TikTok video which sparked the Controversy. Pic credit: @Jenelle Evans/TikTok

Jenelle Evans has been accused of mouthing the N-word in a recent TikTok video, though the former Teen Mom 2 star denies this.

In the clip, the one-time reality star can be seen shaking and dancing around in a white and orange thong bikini, while mouthing the words to Saweetie’s song, Tap In.

Fans were quick to jump in the comments to roast the controversial MTV star for allegedly mouthing the word, accusing her of being racist.

Jenelle Evans defends herself over TikTok video

Jenelle was quick to defend herself in various comment threads on the Tiktok video. Responding to one fan who wrote, “UMMMM did she really just mouth that?” Jenelle fired back, “I didn’t.”

Another user tried to stick up for the controversial Teen Mom 2 alum, writing,”I put it on slow mode. She definitely did NOT say it.”

Jenelle quickly jumped in, writing, “I wouldn’t have uploaded if I did.”

@jenellelevansMmmm… tap tap tap in ✨? ##SwipeLikeTinder ##TapTapTapIn (@officialsaweetie )

♬ Tap In – Saweetie

Many users were quick to defend Jenelle

The majority of fans were quick to defend Jenelle, with one user writing, “Me looking for people talking about her saying the n word when all I see is people defending her about it.

TikTok comments on Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans defends herself in the comments section of her TikTok video. Pic credit: @JenellelEvans/TikTok

Another wrote, “Y’all so mean to this woman .. leave her alone y’all have so much hatred in your heart to hate on someone you don’t personally know.”

Jenelle and her husband David Eason are no strangers to controversy

Jenelle, along with husband David Eason, are magnets for drama. David was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in February 2018 for posting homophobic comments in a rant on Twitter.

In his post, David called LGBTQ people “abominations” and claimed he would teach his children “not to associate with them or be that way.”

Jenelle Evans posing with husband David Eason
Jenelle Evans poses with controversial husband David Eason on Instagram. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

David Eason has posted controversial Instagram photos in the past

David has been incredibly provocative on social media in the past, especially when things like racism are being talked about in the news.

In 2018, David took his confederate flag on a road trip, posting multiple photos of himself holding it on Instagram in response to people who criticized him for a previous photo with the same flag.

He wrote, “Where I’m from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree! Thanks @rednecknation #RHEC.”

One user simply commented, “you are such garbage.”

David Eason recently claimed MTV should fire Cheyenne Floyd

David recently claimed MTV should fire Cheyenne Floyd for racism. He posted a collage of old posts from the Teen Mom 2 star, and wrote, “@mtv only takes action when it benefits them, they don’t actually care. If they did @cheynotshy would have never been accepted to @teenmom Where is the equality with these big corporations?”

He continued, “At this point, MTV needs to be held accountable for their racist behavior and discrimination!”

Jenelle has repeatedly defended her husband, claiming she will stand by him

In a 2019 interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle was quick to defend her husband against the claims of homophobia and racism, saying, “I think that’s just ridiculous because a lot of people even say he’s racist, but his best friend is black. And he also has no problem with gay people.”

The couple have recently had well publicized issues, but in 2018 Jenelle tweeted out “I will stand by my husband until the day we die…” and that seems to still hold true.

Teen Mom 2 will premiere with a new season on September 1 on MTV.

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