Jen Shah and friend deny ‘stealing’ clutch as Meredith Marks blasts them on RHOSLC

Meredith Marks and Jen Shah on RHOSLC.
Meredith Marks threw out some accusations about Jen Shah and her friend on RHOSLC. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently airing the footage from when Jen Shah was arrested earlier this year.

As the ladies talked about what happened, Meredith Marks revealed that she had an incident with Jen and her friend when shopping in her store. While she wasn’t onsite, her manager was.

Meredith said that Jen bought some items, and someone she was with (the name was withheld) took a clutch from the store. The manager noticed and called Meredith to tell her. After some text exchanges, the clutch was returned to the store the following day.

Footage from Meredith’s store was used on RHOSLC as she explained the incident to the other housewives.

Jen Shah’s friend responds to Meredith Marks’ accusations

As The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode aired, Murilo Bueno, Jen Shah’s friend, took to social media to explain his side of the story.

In a series of messages, he revealed his version of events and said “lies” were being told.

He said, in part, “I’d like to address a false accusation made by a cast member of RHOSLC. The footage she brought up was twisted and chopped.”

Continuing, “This woman is trying to reach from all sides like her life depends on it for a TV show, while having skeletons in her closet.”

His entire statement can be read below.

Jen Shah responds to Meredith Marks’ comments

RHOSLC star Jen Shah responded to Meredith Marks’ accusations as well.

She said, “If that’s the truth, b***h call the police. Call 9-1-1. If someone stole from you, call 9-1-1. Or, if you think someone on my team, why wouldn’t you call me. Because it’s bulls**t, we were literally in there to support your little 200 square foot swap meet.”

Jen went on to ask, “how are you gonna twist this into someone stole something?”

Meredith Marks has yet to respond to Jen Shah and her friend following the most recent RHOSLC episode. She’s had a lot to say about Jen’s arrest, including that she felt there were “red flags” about her business. When Lisa Barlow called to tell her what went down, there was zero shock from her.

This will likely be discussed when the housewives get together to film the reunion. Andy Cohen won’t let this juicy clapback be ignored.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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