Jen Harley accuses Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of taking a ‘dig’ at her after revealing new man

Jenn Harley and Ronnie Magro during an episode of Jersey Shore
Jen Harley accuses Ronnie Magro of throwing dig at her Pic credit: MTV

Jen Harley recently revealed she was seeing a new man after she ended her relationship with Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in 2019.

The new couple shared photos on Instagram and both appeared happy. In light of her newfound happiness, Jen thinks that Ronnie has thrown a dig her way.

An insider told In Touch, “Jen is getting a lot of heat for the picture she shared with her new boyfriend [Joe]. A lot of people are saying it’s a dig at Ron, but in fact, she thinks he’s the one who’s been taking a dig at her all along,”

Ronnie went Instagram official with his new girlfriend Saffire Matos in October and shared a few affectionate photos of the two of them.

One of those photos happened to be posted on Jen’s birthday. It showed Ronnie and Saffire kissing as she had her legs wrapped around him.

Jen saw the photo as a dig because not only was it posted on her birthday, but it was also the same pose she and Ronnie had done in a photo while the two of them were still together and happy.


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Jen shows off her new man

Despite her feelings about Ronnie’s public display of affection for his new girlfriend, Jen also shared a photo of her and her new boyfriend, Joe, on Instagram.


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Several fans took to Instagram to share their support, but other fans criticized her for jumping into a new relationship.

One fan wrote, “Is this another new guy? All the best, but maybe be single for a minute?”

Jen immediately clapped back at the fan and said, “I’ve been single for a year ✌?✌?.”

Jen Harley replies to fan comment on Instagram
Jen Harley claps back at fan who criticized her new relationship Pic credit: @JennHarley/Instagram

Regardless of the hater’s comment, Jen appeared happy with her new man.

Ronnie’s new girlfriend

Ronnie also seems happy with his new girlfriend Saffire, an eyelash technician from Staten Island. She runs her own company called Lashes By Bear.

Her business Instagram account bio says she is a “certified lash tech” and self-described “queen of whispy cat eyelashes.”

Ronnie told US Weekly that the couple met at a restaurant in Miami. He said, “I met her back in February and we talked for four or five months and we really did have a strong connection and bond.”

Ronnie said they lost touch during quarantine but reconnected right before the start of filming the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Whether or not Ronnie’s photo of his new romance was intended to be a dig at Jen remains to be seen.  Both Ronnie and Jen appear happy now that they’ve finally decided to move on from their toxic past.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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