Jelly Roll talks American Idol judge role: ‘I’ve accepted the job and they haven’t offered it’

Jelly Roll on American Idol
Jelly Roll addressed Katy Perry’s suggestion. Pic credit: ABC

Jelly Roll (real name Jason DeFord) has become a household name over the last year.

The country music star has even crossed over into the pop genre, and his fan base continues to grow daily.

Earlier this season on American Idol, he was chosen as a mentor to work with the contestants while they were on location in Hawaii.

He was there to lend experience and help the contestants succeed; no ego was involved.

He caught the attention of Katy Perry, a judge on American Idol since it was brought back to life and moved to ABC. She had nothing but good things to say about him.

Katy even suggested Jelly Roll should be the one to replace her on the panel of judges as she plans to exit when the current season ends later this month.

Would Jelly Roll take the spot on American Idol?

Jelly Roll was floored after Katy Perry gushed over him and suggested he take her seat on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

While speaking with Kelli & Guy from K-FROG, the country music star was asked if he would accept Katy’s suggestion to join the ABC singing competition show in her place.

He said, “Consider? I’ve accepted the job, and they haven’t offered it.”

The American Idol guest mentor then revealed that Katy said the same thing to him backstage. Jelly and his wife, BunnieXO, spoke with the songstress, and she told him, “I’m telling you, you need to replace me.”

And it floored him that after the conversation, she immediately said the same thing in an interview when asked who she would like to see replace her.

Jelly Roll recently dropped over 70 pounds

Since being thrust into the public eye in a major way, Jelly Roll has worked on getting himself to a healthier spot in life.

He recently lost 70 pounds and plans to shed more. While his transformation received a positive response, mean comments about his appearance made him feel down.

Jelly’s wife, BunnieXO, revealed that he had walked away from social media because of the constant mean comments about his weight and his appearance.

Despite the negativity, he seems ready to take on the role of American Idol judge should the opportunity present itself. Jelly also isn’t opposed to working in scripted TV, as mentioned in the interview above.

American Idol airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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19 days ago

No,no,no Katy. You three make the best judges. While Jelly would make a great down to earth judge, no one can replace you. Your true caring about the contestants shows on every show. I think “Katy Perry’s American Idol would be appropriate. While I love Bryant and Richie the show just will not be the same when you go.