Jelly Roll reveals ’70-something’ pound weight loss — Here’s how he did it

Jelly Roll selfie
Jelly Roll is getting healthier. Pic credit: @jellyroll615/Instagram

Jelly Roll (real name Jason DeFord) is arguably one of the biggest stars in music right now.

While initially debuting in the country genre, he quickly crossed to the pop charts.

The Save Me singer has made no bones about who he is and where he came from. His looks and voice are authentic.

During his recent appearance on the CMT Music Awards, Jelly Roll was noticeably slimmer as he walked the red carpet with his wife, Bunnie XO. The pair have been together through the ups and downs, and recently, there’s been more ups than downs.

Jelly Roll hasn’t changed much as his rise to fame continues to climb. He remains the same in fashion and looks but is slimming down.

In preparation for a 5k next month in Pasadena, California, the singer has put his health front and center and shed over 70 pounds.

How did Jelly Roll lose the weight?

Aside from performing on stage for hours at a time, Jelly Roll also changed his daily routine.

The Need A Favor singer revealed he is working on eating better. Things he puts into his body are healthier, which has been one stepping stone in losing weight.

He told PEOPLE, “I’ve been really kicking a**, man. I’m doing two to three miles a day, four to six days a week. I’m doing 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna, six minutes in a cold plunge every day. I’m eating healthy right now.”

Jelly Roll is working on getting into better shape

Ahead of his 5k race next month, Jelly Roll revealed he is down over 70 pounds.

That’s not an easy feat, yet he’s crushing his goals as his music gains new listeners.

He told the publication, “I’m probably down 70-something pounds.”

Jelly Roll has been eating right and exercising. His goal is to do a 15-minute mile without struggle. The 5k race is 3.1 miles, and he’s determined to finish it. Don’t expect any running, though.

“I don’t know if ‘running’ is going to be the word, but I’m definitely going to get the 3.1 miles done — probably a brisk power walk,” he quipped.

You can count on Bunnie XO to cheer on Jelly Roll as he takes on the 5k on the West Coast. She won’t be a participant, though. He joked that his pace would be too slow for her, with his goal set to be a 15-minute mile throughout the race.

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