Jeff Probst teases epic final Tribal Council for Survivor 45

Jake Survivor Finale
Jake O’Kane performing on the Survivor 45 season finale. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 45 season finale has arrived, and host Jeff Probst has provided some teasers about what fans can expect.

Jeff also stated that the final Tribal Council is “war” for these castaways. Dee Valladares, Jake O’Kane, Katurah Topps, Julie Alley, and Austin Li Coon made it to the end, but who will win the $1 million prize?

Many blindsides have already happened this season, including in the penultimate episode, when Drew Basile got too confident and failed to see that he was the target.

“The first question to be addressed in the finale will center around the three remaining Reba members — Dee, Julie, and Austin,” Jeff told EW.

That’s expected, as there have been many fireworks within the Reba Four as they tried to maneuver a path to the end. Austin, Dee, Julie, and Drew could have made the final four together had they stopped going after each other.

Don’t count out Katurah and Jake, who have made strides in their games over the latest episodes.

Jeff teases an epic final Tribal Council for Survivor 45

“The finale for Survivor 45 is funny, emotional, and dramatic. I am confident fans will be glued from the opening moments to the crowning of our winner!” Jeff teased fans in his new interview.

Dalton Ross asked Jeff what kind of jury fans should expect as the Survivor 45 jury questions the final three castaways.

“The final Tribal for Survivor 45 is a war,” Jeff boldly stated.

“Several jury members were undecided about who they were going to vote for, and I was very impressed with how they interrogated the players,” Jeff added.

If jury members entered that final Tribal without a clear vote, this could lead to an exciting vote for the Survivor 45 winner.

Looking ahead to the final Survivor 45 episode

Dee, Austin, Julie, Katurah, and Jake will face an intense Immunity Challenge to get things started on the season finale. That will help decide who makes it to the final four.

The challenge for the final four will decide who gets two of the spots in front of the jury. And, a Fire Challenge will determine the last finalist.

As a reminder, the Survivor 45 season finale begins at 8/7c on Wednesday, December 20. It’s a three-hour primetime special, finishing with the hour-long Survivor After-Show and party in Fiji.

Previous episodes of Survivor 45 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Spoilers about the Survivor 45 winner also popped up online.

The names of the Survivor 46 cast members were leaked ahead of the big reveal by CBS.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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