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Jed Wyatt unfollows Tyler Cameron after Bachelor jokes — and then Tyler unfollowed Jed

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt are no longer following each other online. Pic credit: ©

Former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron isn’t holding back when it comes to his feelings about Jed Wyatt and Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

When the show aired this past Monday, Tyler took to Twitter to live-tweet, and his commentary was gold. And it took aim Jed, his former Bachelorette competitor.

To refresh your minds, Tyler and Jed were the final two on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette.

She turned down Cameron and got engaged to Jed. Their relationship crumbled shortly after when she learned that he had a girlfriend at home.

But it appears that Tyler’s jokes are costing him a friendship.

Tyler Cameron slammed Jed Wyatt over Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

While Tyler and Jed may not have been best buddies before Monday night, the two could just have been cordial with one another.

That cordial friendship is no more.

As Monsters & Critics reportedly recently, Tyler mocked Jed on Twitter during his live-tweeting of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.

He joked that Trevor looked like Jed and Jamie, who was pursuing Trevor, had clearly not watched The Bachelorette.

He essentially said that picking anyone who looks like Jed would have a miserable ending.

Wyatt wasn’t happy about it, and he replied to one of Tyler’s trolling tweets. But the reply wasn’t all — he reportedly unfollowed Tyler shortly after his reply, according to Cosmpolitan.

While Cameron didn’t take any action that night, he did act after learning that Wyatt has no interest in a friendship with Tyler.

Tyler Cameron follows Jed’s lead

Now, according to an Instagram called @bachelorteaspill, Tyler has chosen to unfollow Jed as well. If Jed has no interest in being friends with him, he isn’t interested in following the musician.

Jed and Tyler
Jed and Tyler have unfollowed each other. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

It’s safe to say that these two aren’t friends anymore.

Tyler hasn’t apologized for his comments on Twitter. The comments weren’t harsh, but Jed clearly wasn’t a fan.

Jed watched Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart and added that he was happy that he was not at the mansion for the show. Instead, he’s been in quarantine with his girlfriend, where he has been making music and doing puzzles.

Given Hannah B and Tyler have been hanging out, Hannah may be happy about the fact that Tyler and Jed are no longer social media friends.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.