Jed Wyatt appears to chime in on Hannah Brown’s n-word scandal with one simple word

Jed Wyatt
Jed Wyatt chimes in on the Hannah Brown drama. Pic credit: ABC

Jed Wyatt has stayed somewhat out of this spotlight since his dramatic Bachelorette journey, which came to an end with a public breakup.

Jed’s actions resulted in his family getting threats, and he stepped out of the spotlight to rebuild his image.

But over the past couple of weeks, Wyatt has slowly started to surface online again.

Wyatt recently chimed in on the recent scandal involving his ex-girlfriend. Hannah Brown was singing a song on Instagram Live last weekend when she muttered the n-word.

The video quickly went viral. While Hannah issued two apologies, people in the Bachelor Nation franchise are offering their thoughts on how she handled it.

Jed Wyatt chimes in on Hannah’s drama

Mike Johnson wrote a long and heartfelt post about the situation and the n-word, which he shared on Instagram.

While he didn’t mention Hannah by name or hang her out for public scrutiny, it was clear that his post was about the whole incident.

“Words are powerful. We are responsible for our words – the ones we use in error and the ones we choose carefully to build a path forward,” Mike wrote on his Instagram.

“I don’t believe it is the responsibility of black men or women in this country to continue bearing the emotional and intellectual burden of explaining our cultural hurts as we also try to heal from them. But, I do believe we can lift our society through open dialogue, thoughtful action and storytelling that hopefully bridges cultures and generations.

“If we can’t talk about our pain, we can never find purpose. If we can’t listen to those in pain, we can never learn true compassion.

“Bottom line: let’s know the power of our words and use them to spread kindness, not hate. No one is perfect.”

Mike concluded his post, saying that we are just mortals.

Jed decided to chime in on Hannah’s drama by supporting Mike’s message. He replied with a simple “Amen,” as if to show support to Mike and his stance.

Jed Wyatt
Jed Wyatt offers his thoughts on Hannah Brown these days with a single word. Pic credit: @mikejohnson1_/Instagram

By supporting Mike, he’s not attacking Hannah.

In Mike’s post, he pointed out that we shouldn’t “cancel” Hannah, but instead lift her up with love and support. He also encouraged people not to spread hate, but love.

Given how things ended with Hannah, it’s possible that Jed did not reach out to Hannah himself to offer his support during this time.

Hannah has stayed silent since her second apology this past weekend, but sources say that she is embarrassed by her actions.

Jed Wyatt also shared his thoughts about Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

This isn’t all that Jed has offered his thoughts on.

When Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart started airing, fans mocked him, saying that Jed regretted going on the show so soon to pursue Hannah when a music version was to follow shortly after.

Throughout filming, Wyatt told Hannah that he wanted to do more with his music career and admitted that the show was a great platform.

As the first episode aired, he shared that he was glad he wasn’t there. He’s currently dating someone new — someone he is currently quarantining with.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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