Jay Starrett plays I’m busy prank on The Challenge stars in hilarious video clips

jay starrett on the challenge double agents aftermath video show
Jay Starrett of The Challenge played the I’m busy prank on some of his castmates. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge’s Jay Starrett decided to have some fun by pranking his fellow reality TV castmates.

In a recent series of videos, Jay started up video calls with several of The Challenge stars, including Wes Bergmann, Nelson Thomas, Tori Deal, and Kam Williams.

From there, he did the new I’m busy prank on his Challenge friends with some rather funny results.

Jay does I’m busy prank on Wes, Nelson, Kam

With the I’m busy challenge or prank, an individual basically places a video chat call to someone. Once the individual picks up the call, the original caller tells them, “I’m busy, I’ll call you right back.”

That often brings puzzled looks and funny responses from the person they called, as it’s typically a strange thing to tell someone when you’re the original caller.

Former Survivor star and current The Challenge star Jay Starrett has some spare time on his hands, so he decided to get in on the fun. He placed calls to Wes, Nelson, Kam, and former Challenge star Natalie Negrotti in one video.

“You called me,” Nelson replies, seemingly confused by Jay telling him he’s busy.

Wes answers the call decked out in an Oklahoma City Thunder winter hat. His reply after Jay tells him he’s busy and will call right back seems like it may have included some expletives as the audio cuts out.

Kam, who was featured in the prank video, also stopped by the comments.

“I knew it,” she wrote along with laughing emojis, which her boyfriend Leroy Garrett also left on the video.

Natalie picks up the call and lets out an excited “Hi!” when she sees Jay. She later went into the comments to explain she was in the middle of teaching a class, though.

The Challenge’s Lio, Tori, and Cory part of prank

It doesn’t stop with The Challenge stars up above. Jay also did his best to prank Double Agents rookie Lio Rush and veterans Tori Deal and Cory Wharton.

Former Big Brother and Challenge star Paulie Calafiore also appears in the video and seems to realize what just happened at his expense.

Cory has the last laugh in the prank videos it seems, based on how he answers Jay’s call.

While fans aren’t seeing Jay as much on Double Agents since a few episodes ago, they certainly can stay entertained with his social media.

In addition to the above prank, Jay frequently does other fun Instagram videos and IG Live sessions. He also participated in a collaborative theme song with The Challenge’s Lio Rush and Joseph Allen.

The three combined for a catchy track called Stone Cold, which they refer to as a Challenge anthem, and it has gone on to get plenty of likes, comments, and praise.

In particular, Jay surprised viewers with his musical abilities, so just like Challenge host TJ Lavin often says, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again soon.”

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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