Jason Duggar shares workout progress — Is he courting?

Jason Duggar selfie
Jason Duggar continues to work out at the gym. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Jason Duggar has seemingly found a new hobby — working out.

The Counting On sibling has shared some gym selfies and post-workout photos while tagging his friends he works out with.

Much of it ends up on his Instagram Story instead of his main page.

Working out is a new thing for Jason, as he has typically spent most of his time working on rehabbing projects with his siblings and spending a lot of time with his big sister, Jana Duggar.

As he bulks up from his time in the gym, there’s been some speculation he may be the next Duggar sibling to get married.

Will he abandon the other Duggar lost boys and move on to be a married man?

Jason Duggar doesn’t abide by Jim Bob Duggar’s rules

Jason Duggar seemingly doesn’t have to comply with the dress code rules or doesn’t care about what Jim Bob Duggar may think about his gym attire.

In the selfie shared by Jason, the reality TV star revealed that he was working on his deltoids. He typically shares what his workout entailed along with his photo. Because did you really even go to the gym if there’s no mirror selfie?

Jason Duggar at the gym
Jason Duggar shows off his gym progress. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Interestingly enough, Jason has also worked on eating healthier. He appears on a healthy journey, including running races and other events with his buddies.

He doesn’t seem to have received any pushback from Jim Bob for his recent choices. Jason has posted shirtless selfies and one with his shorts above the knee. Perhaps it’s because they’ve only been posted on his Story, not his page.

Is Jason Duggar courting?

There have been some rumblings that Jason Duggar may be courting someone.

He is the next brother in line to marry, with James and Jackson Duggar behind him. They are the only Duggar brothers not married now.

Jason has been the chaperone for many of his siblings, and while he hasn’t been pictured with his siblings much these days, he does have his friends with him — and they work for Jim Bob Duggar and could serve as a chaperone in a pinch.

Since he leads a more private life than some of his siblings, it’s unclear whether Jason is courting or if his time in the gym is just something he enjoys.

With the holiday season upon us, eagle-eyed followers will be watching to see if any unknown girls pop up from any of the upcoming events.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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