Jason Duggar defies courtship rules while confirming relationship with Maddie Grace

Jason Duggar selfie
Jason Duggar is in a relationship with Maddie Grace Jones. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

After debuting a soft launch with his girlfriend, Jason Duggar went full throttle for the Fourth of July holiday.

Maddie Grace Jones is Jason’s girlfriend, and he shared a carousel of photos that showed the young couple goofing around.

There seems to have been a party at the Duggar compound as the background features the land the family lives on.

Jason has been mostly mum about his relationship, and it’s unclear how long he and Maddie have been together.

However, one clear thing is that he seems to have ditched the standard courtship rules. It seems that the Duggar boys aren’t under strict rules like their sisters were when growing up and finding a spouse.

This couple is just living their best life.

Jason Duggar and Maddie Grace Jones break major Duggar rules

If you know anything about the Duggar family, you know their dress code and the rule of no touching the opposite were heavily enforced.

Counting On viewers watched several courtships with the daughters and sons, and most of them stuck very close to the rules enforced while growing up.

However, Jason Duggar and Maddie Grace Jones appear to have thrown caution to the wind and dove into a full-contact relationship.

In Jason’s photos, Maddie is wearing cutoff jean shorts. That is astonishing, especially after Jinger Duggar revealed her parents looked down on her for wearing pants.

The couple also makes full contact, holding each other on their backs and posing side-by-side. It’s almost as if the rules no longer apply—at least for the sons.

Jason Duggar confuses followers with broken rules

Counting On viewers know what the Duggar children had to do while courting. Much of the show was focused on their relationships, subsequent marriages, and the births of their children.

Seeing Jason Duggar and Maddie Grace Jones having a somewhat “normal” relationship is bizarre, even for the critics who are used to the rules.

The comment section lit up with questions about what happened between Jason and Maddie Grace.

One said, “She’s wearing shorts???”

Another was shocked, writing, “Touching a girl when not married! Oh no!!😉.”

As she seemed familiar, there were questions about whether she was related to one of the sisters-in-law.

Comments about Jason and Maddie Grace
Counting On fans have questions. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Jason keeps details about his relationship private, but we expect an engagement soon and a wedding not long after.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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