Jana Duggar shares life update and family farm

Jana Duggar at Jinger's wedding
Jana Duggar is a farm girl these days. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is the eldest daughter and still lives on the family compound.

Earlier this year, she returned to social media after a years-long hiatus, and now, she is back with a new video after seemingly abandoning YouTube.

It was a short look at the Duggar family farm. Having animals is new for the family since Counting On was canceled.

We learned about Jennifer raising lambs and other farm animals when she visited Joy-Anna Duggar’s house, but little else has been said about what they do on “the farm.”

The former Counting On star showed viewers what they’ve done, including building fences, sheds, and an awning. Jana and her sisters helped with the process, and Jackson Duggar was there to help, too.

Could there be a Duggar farm push on the way? Perhaps a channel dedicated to what they do there? After all, they have to make money somehow.

Jana Duggar, the farmer

It’s no secret that Jana Duggar has a green thumb. For years, she has grown food for the family in her garden.

One episode of Counting On was even dedicated to surprising Jana with a bigger and better greenhouse to show their appreciation for her dedication and passion.

From vegetables to flowers, Jana always knows how to ensure things flourish.

She showed off some of the animals, which included Josie Duggar’s house, chickens, a sheep they were shearing, and many lambs.

The younger Duggar daughters all appeared to be involved in designing and setting up things. Johannah drove the brush hog, and the other sisters helped with different things around the farm, including framing a fence.

It was a short video, less than five minutes long, but it gave viewers an idea of what they had been up to recently.

Are the Duggars rebranding and trying to launch a comeback?

There’s been speculation that the Duggars are attempting to make a comeback, even if it’s just a YouTube series or social media content.

Jana Duggar’s return to social media was a huge sign that something was brewing. However, recently, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed she was taking a step back from YouTube and focusing more on her life. Could she be moving aside so that viewers would watch Jana’s channel instead?

Jessa Duggar’s kids were in the video while Jana sheared the sheep, so perhaps it is a multi-family farm? She has been relatively silent on social media since welcoming George, which isn’t typical of her.

Would you watch a Duggar family farm channel?

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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