Jasmine Pineda looks totally different in this throwback pic before plastic surgery

Jasmine Pineda
A photo of Jasmine Pineda before she had work done has surfaced on social media. Pic credit: TLC

Now that 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers have met Jasmine Pineda and gotten to know some of what she is about, they know that she has had work done on top of transforming her body through diet and exercise.

Gino has been the one paying for most of Jasmine’s cosmetic enhancements including her teeth, lips, eyebrows, and skin. 90 Day Fiance viewers only know Jasmine post-transformation but now, a throwback photo of 34-year-old Jasmine has surfaced and we’ve been able to take a peek at what she looked like before she had a bit of work done.

Jasmine Pineda before she has plastic surgery has surfaced

A 90 Day Fiance fan page on Instagram shared a side-by-side comparison of what Jasmine looks like now compared to the throwback photo of her that has been found.

A description of the photo was present above the picture that read, “Before plastic surgery, Jasmine + Gino were on the same level of attractiveness.”

The fan page gave their opinion of the changes in the caption by saying, “Plastic surgery does wonders sometimes. Not in all cases tho.”

The photo of Jasmine on the right side is the old image of her where she had blonde curly hair, undefined eyebrows, and smaller lips.

The picture of the left was of Jasmine as viewers have seen her on their screens with straight hair, larger breasts, dark eyebrows, and big, plump lips.

IG post about Jasmine Pineda
Jasmine’s physical transformation was shown in a comparison photo using an old photo. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Will Jasmine Pineda’s jealousy ruin her relationship with Gino Palazzolo?

Jasmine has a wicked jealousy streak that she attributes to being burned by men in the past and she has carried her insecurities over into her relationship with Gino.

Before the 90 Days viewers have seen the scary twinkle in her eye form as jealousy begins to rage inside her on several occasions and Gino has voiced his concerns.

Gino admitted that he is keeping a secret from Jasmine about still being friends with one of his exes. Gino also let the details slip on social media about what happened when he sent a naked picture of Jasmine to his ex-wife.

Jasmine and Gino met at the beginning of the pandemic and Jasmine recently shared photos from their online relationship before meeting in person. Among the post were video call screenshots, a blurred picture of Gino naked, Jasmine with braces, and a video message from Gino to Jasmine.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Jasmine is just another one of those”fake plastic” chicks on these shows! Mutilated