Janelle Pierzina has choice words for rumored houseguests

Janelle On Big Brother 22
Big Brother vet Janelle Pierzina has played the game four times. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 houseguests start playing the game on August 2.

And that has led to some online rumors about who might have made the BB25 cast.

Janelle Pierzina, who has played the game four times, says she saw some personal information from three rumored houseguests.

And it doesn’t sound like Janelle was very impressed.

Janelle is a veteran houseguest who has stated the show should look for people who want to play the game and not just chase clout.

Many Big Brother fans also agree with that sentiment.

Janelle shares her thoughts on rumored BB25 houseguests

“Just saw three rumored houseguests for #bb25 and they look pretty corny and boring,” Janelle wrote on Twitter.

“They also have large followings on IG. One has over a million followers,” the Big Brother All-Star added.

Janelle BB25 Twitter
It seems Janelle has doubts about some potential BB25 cast members. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Though she didn’t elaborate on which rumors she was referring to, Janelle’s comments worried a few fans who echoed her sentiments.

“‘Regular’ people w/o any real social media aspirations have so much less a chance on these shows — producers just think a person w/ millions of followers INSTANTLY means more viewers for the show,” wrote one of Janelle’s followers.

“What happened to the Big Brother cast being a social experiment with everyday people?? I hate feeling like I don’t have enough social media followers to even audition for the show!” wrote another Big Brother fan.

Big Brother Fans Janelle Responses
Some Big Brother fans respond to Janelle’s post. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

More information on Big Brother 25

The official cast list for Big Brother 25 probably comes out on August 1.

It’s too early for the houseguests to be revealed, as they have to go through a sequester period before the season premiere.

For the Summer 2022 season, the BB24 cast got revealed the day before the first episode. And there was also a last-minute change to one of the houseguests.

Ahead of the start date, CBS will air an anniversary special to celebrate Big Brother. Interviews of past houseguests will be shown as host Julie Chen Moonves gets viewers excited about the new season.

Fans should also note a scheduling change CBS made for BB25 this fall.

And to pass the time until the new episodes arrive, Jeff and Jordan have a new podcast that Big Brother fans might enjoy. They were members of the BB11 cast and later got married.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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