Jana Duggar debuts ring — Is she engaged or is it a decoy?

Jana Duggar car selfie
Jana Duggar may have a special man in her life. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Jana Duggar dropped a massive clue for followers. 

The eldest Duggar daughter is seemingly engaged after debuting a decent-sized rock on that finger. 

She was recently in Charleston, South Carolina, with Abbie Grace Burnett, Gracie, and John David Duggar. 

They all posed for photos, where Jana seemingly posed so that the ring was visible. 

As expected, the comment section went wild with speculation about who Jana could be engaged to and whether it was just a decoy. 

We’ve speculated something was happening when Jana returned to social media after years away, and this could be what was coming. 

Who is Jana Duggar engaged to? 

Jana Duggar didn’t hard launch a relationship or a boyfriend like her younger brother, Jason Duggar did earlier this year. 

She posed for photos with a ring visible on her ring finger and said nothing about it.

Of course, the speculation began. 

One follower seemed confused, thinking she was engaged to her twin brother, John David Duggar. 

They wrote, “She’s getting engaged to that huge guy on slide 2. Congrats to you both !”

Quickly, others corrected her, writing, “ewww no that’s her twin” and “That would be her twin brother.”

Comments about Jana Duggar's ring
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Is Jana Duggar engaged, or is this something else? 

Without Jana Duggar speaking out or giving more details about her status, there’s no way to confirm if she is engaged or if the ring is something of a decoy. 

It’s speculated that it could be a purity ring, though. 

Another commenter wrote, “Jana eating popcorn and laughing while reading comments about the “ring” 😂”

More comments about Jana Duggar's ring
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

With the way the Duggar family has been moving lately, something is happening behind the scenes. Jana’s return is just one piece of the puzzle.

Still, there were other indications, including Jason Duggar debuting Maddie Grace on Instagram and Joy-Anna Duggar stepping back from social media following a video where she discussed reading her sisters’ books and her thoughts.

Jana also popped up with the Duggar family farm video, which showed the animals they are raising and included a part where she was shearing a sheep with Jessa Duggar’s kids in the shot. 

All eyes will be on Jana Duggar and other siblings’ social media accounts as we wait for more information about a potential engagement or someone she is involved with after all of the rumors for so long. 

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