Jana Duggar courtship: Will the Counting On big sister ever get married?

Jana Duggar on Counting On
Jana Duggar still remains single. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is once again the center of attention after another Duggar wedding. Last night, Counting On aired the season finale and featured on the show was Josiah and Lauren as they exchanged their wedding vows. With her twin the next one set to tie the knot, when will the eldest Duggar daughter get married?

There has been a lot of controversy regarding Jana Duggar and her single status over the years. The buzz about it really started after it was revealed that Josh Duggar had inappropriately touched several of his sisters a decade prior. Since then, Jana hasn’t been able to catch a break regarding her love life.

She has confirmed on several occasions that an offer to enter a courtship has been presented. Jana Duggar is convinced that when the right person comes along, she will know it and will then proceed to begin a new life. Of course, there has been speculation that the eldest Duggar daughter may prefer women over men.

Of course, Jana Duggar has not spoken out about her rumored sexuality. In fact, her best friend, Laura DeMasie spoke out about the rumors they were a secret couple, debunking that theory. They are just best friends who both happen to be single. Innocent enough, right?

Aside from the questions about Jana Duggar’s sexuality, there have also been rumors about secret courtships for her with Lawson Bates and Tim Tebow. Both have been denied, but the possibility that she may have been asked to court by one of them has Duggar fans excited about who she will choose in the future.

Many fans believe that Jana Duggar is just waiting for the right time. She appears to be content helping her family with the daily tasks like homework and chores. Jana is often left in charge of all of her siblings when Jim Bob and Michelle take off for conventions or speaking engagements.

If Jana Duggar got married, who would take care of the younger siblings? The next Duggar daughter in line is not even a teenager yet, which means she couldn’t handle the responsibilities bestowed upon Jana at all. So is it possible that Jana is still unmarried because her parents need her?

The real reason Jana Duggar has remained single may never be known. All of the speculation surrounding it keeps the family in the headlines and makes it possible for seasons to be picked up. Right now, Jana’s twin, John David Duggar is planning a wedding with Abbie Grace Burnett so the heat is off of her for a while.

At this point, Jana Duggar may choose to stay single forever and help her siblings as they raise their children. She always appears to be happy in whatever she is doing, even if some of the things have earned her the nickname “Cinderella Duggar.”

Counting On recently aired the Season 8 finale but it is expected to return to TLC in early 2019.

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