Jade Cline of Teen Mom posts racy pic, praises on-again boyfriend Sean

Jade Cline of Teen Mom
Jade Cline of Teen Mom. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 posted a racy photo on her Instagram account over the weekend. In the pic, Jade is lying on top of her on-again boyfriend, Sean Austin.

She’s wearing a red satin robe with her hand and head resting on Sean’s shoulder, and Sean has his hands around her thighs. A single red rose sat next to a red velvet pillow on the bed near Sean.

Her caption read, “loving you has always felt so right. I’m so proud of you… You’ve proved people who’ve mad [sic] mistakes can change, evolve, improve, and learn. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been worth it. cheers ? to us and forever.”

Jade had plastic surgery earlier this year

Jade has been taking to social media lately to show off the plastic surgery she had done. Jade underwent a Brazilian butt lift earlier this year, and her confidence seems to be soaring.

Fans of Teen Mom have seen Jade and Sean go through several ups and downs as a couple. The couple welcomed their daughter, Kloie, in 2017 when Jade was just 19 years old.

MTV cameras have captured Jade and Sean arguing in most of their airtime.

Things got so bad that she’s called the police on Sean for allegedly breaking one of her windows, and she even had him take drug tests to prove he was clean.

Jade initially said Sean wasn’t her type

Jade even admitted that when she first met Sean, she didn’t think he was her type, so she “friend-zoned” him but claimed he relentlessly pursued her. The two clashed over just about everything.

Sean had some struggles with addiction but was always a helpful dad to Kloie. Her strained relationship with her parents didn’t help matters, either.

Jade’s parents have struggled with addiction, having been in and out of jail and rehab several times. Jade’s mom, Christy, and her stepdad often took advantage of Jade.

They frequently asked to stay at Jade’s house when they had nowhere else to go. In one episode, Christy called Jade from jail and asked her to bail her out.

Jade has been caught between Sean and her parents

Jade and Sean’s daughter, Kloie, often was placed in the middle of heated arguments between Jade, Sean, and Jade’s parents.

There was a particular moment in a Teen Mom episode when Jade’s parents accused Sean of framing them, placing drug paraphernalia in their room. Jade ended up kicking out both Sean and her parents from her home.

Jade is a licensed cosmetologist and recently opened her own salon. Fans can look forward to seeing Jade’s surgery play out on the show, as she confirmed that MTV documented all of it.

Teen Mom airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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