Jacob Burke models multiple drag looks on RHOC — Here’s what Divine Devon looks like all dolled up

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her son, Jacob Burke.
Braunwyn helps her son, Jacob, complete his transformation into his drag persona named Devine Devon. Pic credit: @braunwynwindhamburke/Instagram

As if the Real Housewives of Orange County couldn’t get any more glamorous, Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s son, Jacob, recently revealed his drag persona to the world.

Jacob introduced Divine Devon with the support of the entire Windham-Burke family.

Divine Devon attended an event with both of his parents present. Even his dad, Sean Burke, dressed up for the occasion in heels and a face of makeup.

And although Braunwyn has had a rough journey so far this season on RHOC, she hasn’t been shy in showing her support for Jacob and has cheered him on from the beginning.

Devine Devon debuts different looks

Braunwyn shared a sneak peek of Jacob’s different looks on Instagram. She captioned the photo set, “So proud of this beautiful child.” She then told followers to tune in “to see Divine Devon in action.”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke, her husband Sean, and son Jacob
Braunwyn and Sean pose with Divine Devon. Pic credit: @braunwynwindhamburke/Instagram

Braunwyn also shared a clip from the show that featured Jacob’s complete transformation as he debuted it to the family.

In the clip, while being fitted for a wig, Jacob is asked how he got into drag in the first place.

“I kinda dressed up like a girl and acted like one for, like, my whole life. My sisters used to put me in dresses, do my makeup, and all of that. And I really liked doing all of that. So, I thought, ‘what if I do this but on a bigger and grander scale?’ It’s just a lot of fun,” he explained.

After revealing his completed look to the cheers of his family, Jacob explained to producers during a confessional, “Being a woman in drag feels the most empowering that I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t know how good this would feel until I did it.”

Braunwyn, Sean, and Jacob at a drag event
Pic credit: @braunwynwindhamburke/Instagram

Braunwyn raves about her love for Jacob

Back in January, Braunwyn took to her Instagram to post about Jacob. In the caption, she explained that Jacob is the “sweetest, kindest, most helpful kid.”

She continued, “He’s a cool person, he grew up in dance studios and had spent the past 11 years dancing, he’s a musical theatre kid, a technology wiz who helps his dad at the office and recently decided to give the world of Drag a try.”

Screenshot of Braunwyn and Jacob on Instagram
Braunwyn raves about her son Jacob in post to Instagram. Pic credit: @braunwynwindhamburke/Instagram

She concluded the post by stating, “He’s never done things because others have and I love that about him. It’s hard to be a teenage boy but he’s learned to talk through the hard stuff. He’s so close to his sisters, is the best at helping with the little kids, and will change a diaper without being asked!!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.