Is Winter House canceled? Here’s what Paige DeSorbo said

Paige DeSorbo on Winter House
Paige DeSorbo has a sad update about Winter House. Pic credit: Bravo

One of Bravo’s most polarizing series has seemingly been canceled.

Paige DeSorbo stunned Winter House fans on Monday with an Instagram post from New York Fashion Week.

“Me at winter house even though it’s canceled,” she wrote in a video on the social media platform.

For the record, Bravo has not confirmed what’s happening with the show, but from a viewer standpoint, the show has run its course.

Despite plenty of stunt casting for Winter House Season 3, including Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz and Below Deck’s Malia White, the series failed to get much traction.

Many of the show’s most familiar faces, such as DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, and Austen Kroll, were distant memories, making it feel like a different show.

Winter House Season 3 was a dud

The only bright spot of the cast was Family Karma’s Brian Benni, who was eager to return to the small screen following the demise of his Bravo reality series.

Paige DeSorbo reveals Winter House cancellation
Pic credit: @paige_desorbo/Instagram

The cable network rarely cancels series outright, instead calling shows going off the air a “pause,” similar to Real Housewives, who get the boot and correct critics saying they’re “on pause.”

It’s hard to believe DeSorbo would throw this bombshell out there about Winter House’s demise if there weren’t some semblance of truth to it.

The series tried to switch things up with the cast overhaul, but it was a mess from start to finish.

Winter House may have been killed by a lack of exciting storylines

A lack of compelling storylines means reduced media coverage and, in turn, a lack of interest from viewers.

The only positive thing about this news is that it may make room for other well-loved but little-watched series on the network, such as Family Karma.

It’s rare for Bravo shows to be consistently good, but we got three top-tier seasons of that show, so it should at least be in contention for a comeback.

Paige DeSorbo will be back on TV screens very soon

As for DeSorbo, she’ll be back on screens very soon, with Summer House Season 8 coming in hot.

Little is known about her storyline this season, thanks to the Hubbard and Carl Radke split taking all the media attention.

The trailer picks up with their split and Radke telling Hubbard that he isn’t ready to continue putting on a show for the cameras as they decide to part ways.

We then jump back to the beginning of summer, with the pair headed back to Summer House, planning their wedding and having a good time — until their arguments take over the vacation.

It promises to be an unmissable season, and it looks far more watchable than Vanderpump Rules Season 11, which is circling the drain post-Scandoval.

As always, we’ll keep you up to speed if Bravo comments on the Winter House cancellation buzz.

Summer House Season 8 premieres Thursday, February 22, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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