Is trouble brewing for Kenneth and Armando on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

Kenneth and Armando in tshirts
Kenneth and Armando with #lovewins t-shirts on Instagram. Pic credit: @kenneth_90/Instagram

Kenneth and Armando are the first gay male couple to appear on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and fans are rooting for them. However, it appears the couple is already facing some challenges in their new life together.

Kenneth Niedermeier, 57, and Armando Rubio, 31, were finally reunited on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, and at first, things seemed to be super romantic.

Kenneth gave up his whole life in Florida to move to Mexico and live with Armando. When they saw each other again for the first time, they tightly embraced.

During that reunion, Armando told Kenneth, “You made my dream come true.”

Kenneth replied, “You made mine.”

It seemed like the two lovebirds were on cloud nine- but the relationship may be crashing back to earth.

Kenneth and Armando face some awkward challenges when it comes to PDA

In the most recent episode, Kenneth pressured Armando to engage in PDA, which is still uncomfortable for the newly-out 31-year-old.

Kenneth tried to grab Armando’s hand, but it didn’t go over too well.  Armando told him, “No, not here.” When it came to kissing, Armando expressed the same sentiment, saying, “Not right now.”

Armando is clearly not comfortable with being openly gay in public in Mexico, fearing that it may bring harm to the newly reunited couple.

In an interview, he said, “Kenny can be pushy. He’s been out since he was 19 years old, and he’s much older than me. It’s not fair for him to expect me to be as out as he is, because I haven’t been out that long.”

Kenneth isn’t being very respectful of Armando’s boundaries, and even said, “I know from my past visits to Mexico to see Armando, he does not like any kind of PDA. But I moved here. This is our life now. I know I’m planning on asking him very soon to marry me, and I would think he would be farther along than what he is.”

Kenneth and Armando sitting together
Kenneth and Armando sit together during a promotional shoot for TLC. Pic credit: @kenneth_90/Instagram

The couple is clearly running into some issues when it comes to PDA in the relationship. But they also appear to struggle with problems in communication and accepting each other’s boundaries.

Clearly, Kenneth and Armando will face troubled waters ahead, so will they last? With all the challenges they’re facing, it will almost certainly take a lot of work on both their parts.

Kenneth recently posted about compromise on Instagram

However, it appears Kenneth has taken on the challenge. He recently posted a picture of the two on Instagram with the caption: “What real relationships are about. Yes differences but then understanding, communication, compromising and in the end moving forward together.”

Kenneth and Armando in front of a statue
Kenneth and Armando pose together in front of a statue in an Instagram shot. Pic credit: @kenneth_90/Instagram

This couple off to a pretty rocky start (though most 90 Day Fiance couples seem to experience the same thing) and the cultural differences seem like they’ll be the biggest challenge in the relationship.

Kenneth is used to a different style of living

Kenneth is having a difficult time adjusting to Mexico, as he apparently assumed living there would similar to his experiences vacation there.

Kenneth is clearly used to a different style of living and started noticing things that were wrong with the apartment right away. The hot water heater wasn’t working and there wasn’t central air conditioning or heat, which was a big issue for him.

In one uncomfortable scene, the couple tastes candy from a street vendor. Kenneth told the camera, “This candy looks like a blood clot, and tastes like hot salsa or something.” Armando was less than impressed by the reaction.

It looks like Kenneth and Armando have a lot of adjusting to do. We’ll have to tune in to see how they get on.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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