Is the Duggar family being shunned after latest Josh Duggar scandal?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a confessional on Counting On.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lost a lot because of Josh Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Is the reign of the Duggar family making money over?

At the height of their fame, the Duggar siblings were selling the first photos of their new babies and their birth stories. Things have shifted a bit over the last year or so, but following Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges in April, it looks like those things are no longer viable money-making options.

Jessa Duggar welcomed her fourth child, a baby girl named Fern, earlier this week, and she didn’t give a major publication the first photos. In fact, she decided to publish her own birth story on her YouTube channel, revealing the baby’s gender, name, and stats.

Which Duggar siblings got features for their babies?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard talked in-depth about one of the reasons they walked away from Counting On, being the lack of control they had over their personal lives. They couldn’t decide when they would announce a pregnancy or share photos of their children first. Their Q&A sessions on YouTube highlighted that.

When Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell announced their second pregnancy, Us Weekly got the exclusive. They didn’t disclose what the offer was or what they made, but it was clear it was beneficial for them to use a publication to announce the big news.

Some of the other siblings were spotlighted as well, especially when it came to their weddings. That changed earlier this year too. Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey, and Jedidiah Duggar married Katelyn Nakatsu, and neither received the fanfare their other siblings had when they tied the knot in years prior.

How will the Duggars make their money now?

Without Counting On, there was concern about what the Duggars would do to continue bringing in money.

YouTube monetization appears to be what they are choosing. Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu uploaded their wedding video, and it has over 200k views already. Jessa Duggar did the same with the birth of her newest daughter, and she uploaded it in two parts, making it a double feature with double the potential to make money.

Other family members, like Abbie Grace Burnett, have decided to sell things. She joined Poshmark and has been listing her clothing and some of Gracie Duggar’s things as well. That, coupled with trying to be an influencer, has kept her bases covered.

Whether the rest of the Duggar family will make a living on YouTube remains to be seen, but it is likely because they have some true diehard fans who are still looking for content from the famous family.

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