Is the Duggar era coming to an end? Former Duggar employee speaks out

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in TLC confessionals.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may see the end of the Duggar era. Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in TLC confessionals.

The Duggar era may be coming to an end. At least that is what one former employee of Jim Bob Duggar thinks.

Counting On has been on hiatus for months now, with no news about renewal or filming. The coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into things, but how much longer will viewers wait for another walk down Duggar lane?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hide behind a persona

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, a former Duggar employee is speaking out about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. While they appear to be soft-spoken and loving parents, when the cameras are gone, all bets are off.

This isn’t the first time Jim Bob’s character has come into question. From attempting to cover up what happened with Josh Duggar and his siblings to allegedly forcing Anna to stay with him, the patriarch has done some questionable things.

Yelling at the children is something the former employee mentioned in the interview as well. While onscreen, that isn’t typical.

Michelle Duggar is incredibly soft-spoken and has given off the impression that she is patient and kind. That is not the case, according to the publication, with the ex-employee mentioning that he has seen spoons and spatulas being held while chasing the children.

Is this the end of the Duggars and Counting On?

Many of the Duggar children have been working on building their social media followings. Jessa updates her YouTube regularly and Jinger likes to interact and ask fans questions. Jill keeps up with her blog and partners with various companies to be an influencer on Instagram.

As for the married Duggar men, they are less active on social media. The Duggar daughters-in-law aren’t pushing products or sharing their YouTube channels. While a few of them have answered questions fans have about products or something in their photo, they take a backseat when it comes to the public.

With no new information about Counting On, viewers have to wait until the network decides to release details. It was thought that filming was happening before the coronavirus pandemic, but since then, nothing has been filmed.

Joy-Anna Duggar even shared a YouTube video she produced herself to announce her pregnancy. That was one of the red flags.

Whether the Duggar era is coming to an end remains to be seen. Jim Bob Duggar reportedly has lawyers waiting for Derick Dillard’s tell-all, which is said to have the potential to end the Duggar dynasty.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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Elizabeth Carrero
Elizabeth Carrero
2 years ago

Please don’t remove this program.

Earlene Drake
Earlene Drake
2 years ago

I’ve watched the Duggers for alot of years. I have noticed that there has been alot of changes. I realize that with some of the older kids getting married there are going to be changes. But I’ve noticed that Jim Bob seems to be the one running every thing. Josh’s behavior and sexual acts and a few other things that he tries to hide.
The fact that when someone is talking about the compound makes it sound like a cult. And he’s the one in charge.