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Is The Bachelor star Peter Weber responding to Tyler and Hannah’s Tik Tok video?

Peter Weber on The Bachelor
Peter Weber is becoming a Tik Tok star. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has flown into the Tik Tok craze and the video he shared recently has The Bachelor fans wondering if he got his inspiration from Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron.

Hannah and Tyler’s Flip the Switch video quickly began trending last week after Tyler joked that he “finally got in Hannah’s pants.”

The two have been teasing everyone without actually confirming a relationship as they continue to quarantine together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter Weber takes on Tik Tok

Now, Peter has a Flip the Switch video of his own — albeit a lonely one. In the latest Tik Tok video shared by the Bachelor star, he switches places with himself, as it looks like he is trying to practice social distancing, making it hard to record the video with a partner if he’s on his own.

The whole point of the video is that when Drake sings “I just flip the switch,” the person dancing changes but nothing else.

In Tyler and Hannah’s video, when they switched, he was wearing her clothes. It was pretty funny.

In Peter’s video, since he’s alone, he didn’t switch people. Instead, he switched into his pilot uniform while making an airplane gesture with his hand.

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Pilot Pete on TikTok

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Is this Peter Weber’s response?

Peter seems to still be flying planes as the coronavirus pandemic keeps everyone else stuck inside.

That hasn’t kept him from getting in on the fun though, and some think that Peter’s new Tik Tok video may have been inspired by Hannah and Tyler’s now-viral video.

Bachelor fans are convinced that Peter still isn’t over Hannah Brown, which may have made it impossible to ever commit to Hannah Ann or Madison Prewett.

But is he still keeping tabs on his old flame?

If so, that could also explain that super flirty Chicago waterfront date with Kelley Flanagan that they clearly wanted everyone to see.

Peter never did comment on that but now everyone knows that he’s spending time with his former bachelorettes too.

They aren’t quarantining together though, and now, it’s not really clear if Peter is still flying or if he’s in quarantine like the rest of us.

On Monday, he shared a video to his Instagram stories claiming to be “so bored.” The Bachelor star has also been sharing magic tricks for his fans to keep everyone entertained.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus and is expected to return next year. 

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