Is Summer House’s newest couple still together? Lindsay Hubbard opens up about her relationship with Stephen Traversie

Lindsay Hubbard and Stephen Traversie of Summer House
Lindsay Hubbard opens up about her relationship with Stephen Traversie. Pic credit:@lindshubbs/Instagram

Lindsay Hubbard came into the new season of Summer House with her boyfriend, Stephen Traversie.

Lindsay met Stephen the previous summer and began officially dating him sometime in August.

Lindsay even joked about a relationship timeline she created for the two of them, including moving in together, getting married, and having babies.

Stephen joined her for six weeks in the Hamptons, and it was their first opportunity to see what it would be like living together. At the time, they lived in their own separate apartments in New York City.

Sometime after filming wrapped up, things appeared to take a turn for the worst.

Lindsay suddenly stopped posting photos of the two of them on her social media accounts, and fans speculated that they had broken up.

Lindsay recently confirmed the break-up and explained how the pandemic impacted their relationship.

Lindsay confirms her break up with Stephen

During an interview with People, Lindsay opened up about her break up and how the pandemic brought some of their relationship issues to light after almost a year and a half of dating.

She said, “Unfortunately, Stephen and I broke up, so I am single. He’s a great guy. Obviously, COVID brings a lot to the forefront in a lot of relationships. Ours is no exception to that. I hope he finds happiness and lives his best life because I certainly plan to do the same.”

Regarding the pandemic’s role in her breakup, Lindsay said, “You are forced to facilitate things in a quicker manner to understand your relationship and who that person is faster than you might have done before COVID when there are other distractions around. I’m happy that there were no serious attachments such as marriage or babies.”

Did Lindsay hook up with her Summer House costar?

As fans began to speculate that Lindsay and Stephen had called it quits, several people wondered whether something happened between Lindsay and her costar Luke Gulbranson.

In the Season 5 trailer, Stephen was heard telling Lindsay that he would leave the house. Shortly after, a brief clip of Lindsay going into Luke’s room played, followed by what sounded like the audio sample of a possible hook up.

Costar Hannah Berner was also seen telling Paige DeSorbo, “Lindsay already f***ed Luke.”

Last month, Lindsay shared a photo for Luke’s birthday where she posed like she was about to kiss him on the cheek.

The post sparked further speculation that something more had happened between the two of them.

While Lindsay confirmed she is currently single, fans will have to tune in to Summer House to see how her relationship with Stephen played out and whether she and Luke got physical.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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