Is Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard dating Dustin Lynch? Here’s what we know

Lindsay Hubbard selfie
Lindsay Hubbard has a new boyfriend and it’s not Dustin Lynch. Pic credit: @lindshubbs/Instagram

The Summer House drama surrounding Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s breakup has been all the talk for months.

Carl called off the wedding, leaving Lindsay high and dry. The couple had to watch everything back on the most recent season of the Bravo show, and the reunion dragged up many of the issues they were dealing with.

And as the world and fan base learned of the demise and canceled wedding, dating rumors began to swirl around the former couple.

Lindsay has all eyes on her after being spotted with a country music star, but is it what everyone thinks it is?

She bought a home in Nashville and is living her post-Carl life without apologizing.

Here’s what we know about Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard’s love life.

Is Lindsay Hubbard dating Dustin Lynch?

There’s been rumblings about a relationship between Lindsay Hubbard and Dustin Lynch.

They both live in Nashville and run in the same social circle.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Dustin Lynch opened up about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard.

He told the publication, “We’re great friends. I’m so pumped. She’s got a house here [in Nashville] now that’s doing great. She’s making some new friends here in town. I haven’t been in the Bravo world ever, but to see what that fan base is like is intense. You [open] a whole new can of worms. I’m telling you…[I’m] talking about a big can of worms.”

Dustin has mentioned before that he doesn’t date within his social circles in Nashville because things can get messy. Lindsay seems to fall into that category, and they are indeed just friends.

Lindsay Hubbard is dating

While Lindsay Hubbard’s boyfriend isn’t Dustin Lynch, it is someone she knew beforehand. In fact, he even came before things with Carl Radke took off.

Lindsay appeared on a podcast (see below) last month to discuss the new man in her life.

Lindsay revealed that the new man in her life is someone she went on a few dates with during the coronavirus pandemic. The timing wasn’t right then, and when he circled back over three years later (after her wedding to Carl Radke was called off), she left him hanging for a bit.

He is not a part of the reality TV world, which is a perk for the Summer House blonde. She also revealed he keeps her happy in the bedroom, has a good job, and things are going well.

Summer House is currently on hiatus.

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