Is Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy pregnant?

Madison LeCroy selfie.
Madison LeCroy sparked pregnancy speculation. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Season 9 of Southern Charm is on the way, and Madison LeCroy has sparked speculation a baby may be on the way for her and her new husband, Brett Randle.

Last season, Madison was scarce as she was nurturing her relationship and subsequent engagement with Brett. She was also planning a wedding and raising her son, so Southern Charm took a backseat.

This season is another story, though.

The trailer for Season 9 dropped earlier this month, and with it came explosive revelations.

Madison was seen at a doctor’s office, leading to speculation that she may be pregnant with her and Brett’s first child.

Here’s what we know about Madison ahead of Season 9.

Madison LeCroy’s storyline teases possible pregnancy

In the trailer for Season 9 of Southern Charm, Madison LeCroy is seen getting ready and talking about being nauseous.

It then flips to Brett Randle checking on her in the bathroom and then to Madison sitting in an exam room at what appears to be a gynecologist’s office.

She informs the doctor that she suffered a pelvic fracture when delivering Hudson. The look on the doctor’s face was one of shock, and then the scene cut away.

Is Madison LeCroy pregnant?

Even though it looks like Madison LeCroy may be expecting a baby based on the trailer, it doesn’t appear that she is currently pregnant. Filming wrapped earlier this year, and since then, she has shared photos of herself without a baby bump.

That’s not to say she couldn’t have been pregnant, but it seems she isn’t now.

There were also other signs that Madison wasn’t pregnant during filming, as she was drinking and getting worked up at group events. Especially when her ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll called her a mess, it seems the bad blood between the two hasn’t quite been settled.

Madison looks fit and trim in her confessional look, with no visible baby bump. She worked hard to get into the best shape of her life ahead of her November 2022 wedding, and it seems she has kept things up because she continues to look stunning.

Whether Madison LeCroy was pregnant remains to be seen. There could have been various other issues causing nausea she complained of, and until Season 9 begins airing, viewers won’t know the answer. However, it looks like it may have been just a scare.

Southern Charm returns Thursday, September 14, on Bravo.

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