Is Siesta Key done for good? Here’s what we know

Amanda Miller and Madisson Hausburg of Siesta Key.
The Siesta Key cast shared nostalgic posts hinting at the end of the show for good. Pic credit: @madissonhaus/Instagram

The Siesta Key: Miami Moves season finale just ended, and fans cannot stop talking about it.

The new season brought about a lot of changes with the cast as long-time favorites Kelsey Owens and Garrett Miller made their departure from the series.

The cast also spent the summer in Miami instead of Siesta Key, which made for some major life changes for the group.

Juliette Porter and Brandon Gomes saw their careers flourish in the big city, while others took a while to adjust to their new surroundings.

With the season in Miami ending, it’s unclear whether the cast will return to Siesta Key to film, as many of them are still living in the city post-filming.

Not only that, but the way the season ended has viewers everywhere questioning if the show is done for good. Will Siesta Key return? — here’s what we know.

Siesta Key cast hints at series ending

Ahead of the season finale, several cast members took to social media to share throwback photos from the show’s earlier seasons.

Everyone seemed overly nostalgic, and there were even some tears. Juliette, Chloe Long, and Amanda Miller posed in a photo with a production member, and all of them had watery red eyes.

The post was captioned, “Thank you for the good times!”

Some of the cast shared additional photos from filming, including Amanda, who wrote a sentimental message along with her post.

She shared how it was an “honor” to film alongside the group. She mentioned their shared memories throughout the last five years and added, “I will be carrying them with me forever.”

After the final episode of the season aired, Chloe shared a cryptic message about the “closing of a chapter” in her life, making it seem even more likely that Siesta Key was done for good.

Based on the tone of the cast posts regarding the show, it’s easy to see why fans are worried that the episode may have been a series finale instead of just a season-ending.

Juliette Porter addresses rumors about Siesta Key’s ending

Amid all of the rumors regarding the ending of Siesta Key, Juliette took a minute to address the gossip with her followers on her Instagram Stories.

She shared, “Just to be clear, none of us know if the show’s ending.”

She then explained how the show’s future depends on ratings and that no one from production has confirmed whether or not it will continue.

Whether or not the series has run its course remains to be seen. It’s quite possible that the cast was feeling overly sentimental following the recent Miami revamp.

Fans should stay tuned to see whether MTV announces a new season or if they’ve decided to pull the plug for good.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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