Is MJ from Shahs of Sunset a convicted felon?

MJ in a Shahs of Sunset confessional.
MJ’s past is being talked about again after a Season 2 Shahs of Sunset comment was replayed. Pic credit: Bravo

The Shahs of Sunset reunion has reopened MJ’s past. Last night, at the conclusion of the reunion, there were flashbacks to the epic brawl between her and Reza Farahan.

Viewers want to know if MJ is a convicted felon based on what Reza said. For some, it was old news and for others, it was brand new information.

Shahs of Sunset fans want to know if MJ robbed a bank

In Season 2 of Shahs of Sunset, Reza Farahan shouted at MJ that she was a convicted felon. He also mentioned a bank robbery.

Back when MJ was just 18, she was involved in a bank fraud case. According to Radar Online, she was approached by men who wanted her to take part in a scam. She was a bank teller and had access and the ability to help them pull off the scheme.

Initially, the Shahs of Sunset star declined the invitation. They returned and threatened the men in her life, which caused her to go ahead with the plan. The transactions, totaling roughly $100k over two weeks, were said to have taken place in 1990.

She managed to skate on the crime for three years until the FBI got involved. In 1994, she plead guilty and did her time. MJ was sentenced to one month in prison, five years of probation, and then a $10,000 fine.

Why is MJ’s past relevant now?

This past season on Shahs of Sunset, things between MJ and Reza Farahan blew up. Their 30-year friendship went out the window after the drama surrounding his marriage was put front and center.

As the two attempted to meet on some middle ground during the Shahs of Sunset reunion, flashbacks of their Season 2 Shahs of Sunset conversation was played. Reza put it out there that MJ was a convicted felon and had a part in a bank robbery.

While there was some truth to what he said, there wasn’t an actual robbery. The crime she took a guilty plea for was bank fraud.

It was brought up again to highlight the back and forth the two have been through. Andy Cohen insisted there could be a resolution for the friendship and that they had bounced back from worse.

Reza Farahan has called out MJ all over since the beginning, but this time, he wasn’t as easy to forgive when it came to her doing it to him.

Shahs of Sunset is currently on hiatus.

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