Is Michelle Duggar wearing pants?

Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Michelle Duggar’s wardrobe is in question. Pic credit: TLC

Michelle Duggar is the matriarch of the Duggar family, but Jim Bob Duggar is the one who wears the pants. Or is he?

This week, a photo of Michelle and her nine daughters surfaced as they spent time with Jinger Duggar, who flew into Arkansas for family time.

It’s been quite some time since Jinger returned home, and all of the sisters were in the same place at the same time. That was noted by Jessa Duggar, who shared a photo of herself and her sisters with their mom.

There have been many rumors about estrangements within the family, primarily because of Jill Duggar’s choice to walk away from Counting On in 2017. More recently, speculated returned because of Jinger Duggar’s book slamming IBLP teacher Bill Gothard.

Wearing pants has been widely controversial, with Jinger taking the first step and several sisters following suit. All the married Duggar sisters have begun wearing pants, and even Jana Duggar, who still lives at home, has taken control of her wardrobe.

When the question arose about what Michelle wore in the photo with her daughters, it looked like Jinger may have rubbed off on her.

Michelle Duggar poses with her daughters

In the photo shared by Jessa Duggar, it appeared as though Michelle Duggar was wearing black leggings in the image.

She has yet to be seen in only pants, so this was a big deal with the matriarch. Unfortunately, though, the picture wasn’t as it seemed.

One of Jessa’s followers commented, “Michelle in pants ????. Happy for you all.”

Another chimed in, correcting the poster, saying, “With a skirt on top. Of course.”

Two more responded with similar comments, telling the commenter to “zoom in” and “look again.”

Comments about what Michelle Duggar had on
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

They were right, though. If you zoom in on the photo, the skirt line is visible and lines up with the ones her younger daughters are wearing.

Despite her much more progressive daughters, it’s unlikely Michelle Duggar would ever venture into wearing pants, especially in such a public place.

What are Michelle and Jim Bob up to now?

Things have been incredibly quiet on the Duggar front these days.

Since Counting On was canceled nearly two years ago, a few of the siblings have gone into living a more private life, including Josiah and Joseph Duggar, and their wives, Lauren Swanson and Kendra Caldwell.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar haven’t said much publically since Josh Duggar’s trial and conviction and Jim Bob’s political loss. They are remaining in the background for now.

However, if Michelle Duggar should ever choose to wear pants, things may not be nearly as quiet as they are now.

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