Is Jessa Duggar ‘hungry’ for YouTube money? Here’s why followers think she is

Jessa Duggar at her baby shower.
Jessa Duggar is all about the money. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar is being called out for deleting comments that revealed her daughter’s name.

Earlier this week, the Counting On star welcomed her fourth baby. She and Ben Seewald had another little girl, and they gave all of the details about her and the birth on their YouTube channel.

Instead of doing one video, Jessa did a two-part series. The second video revealed the baby girl’s name and all of her stats.

When followers began revealing Fern’s name on Instagram, the mom-of-four began deleting the comments, presumably because she wanted them to click and watch the video so that she would make her YouTube money.

Jessa Duggar caught deleting comments

An eagle-eyed Redditor caught Jessa Duggar deleting comments followers wrote on her baby reveal post on Instagram.

The reason behind her behavior hasn’t been confirmed, but the likely reason is that she wanted to get as many views as possible on her YouTube video.

At the time of writing this, part two of Jessa Duggar’s birth video has over a million views. Part one also has over a million views, translating into some serious cash as her channel is monetized.

Of course, taking time out to delete comments seems to be a bit on the petty side, especially since she just gave birth to her fourth child.

Will Jessa Duggar move to YouTube full-time?

Given the response that she got for the birth video, Jessa Duggar and her family will likely continue to put new content on YouTube.

With Counting On done after 11 seasons, and a fan base that is clearly eager to keep up with her life, Jessa would be crazy not to capitalize on it while things are hot. Without the income from TLC and the other perks of being on a reality TV show, there will need to be adjustments made.

Seeing these numbers come in could spark something big for Jessa and Ben Seewald. They were a huge part of Counting On, and while viewers don’t know what they were paid, it is likely they are taking a financial hit.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Duggar daughter and some of her siblings blow up YouTube with some videos and possibly more coverage of family events. They wouldn’t have to exclude anyone at this point as the Counting On rules about Josh Duggar and his family or Jill Duggar and hers no longer exist.

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