Is Hunter Montgomery the next Bachelorette villain?

Hunter Montgomery films for The Bachelorette
Hunter Montgomery proves he isn’t on The Bachelorette to make friends and shows off his aggressive side during this week’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette isn’t truly The Bachelorette without a villain who isn’t afraid to step on people’s toes.

Katie Thurston has been on-point with sending home supposed villains. As a new villain has emerged each week, Katie has sent them home. She sent home Cody Menk, Karl Smith, and most recently, Thomas Jacobs.

With the villain spot open, Hunter Montgomery is shaping up to be a strong contender.

Hunter shows his aggressive side, putting off Bachelorette viewers

Hunter brought out his aggressive side in this most recent episode of The Bachelorette.

For the group date, the men competed in the Bachelorette Bash Ball Battle.

In typical fashion, the men wore skimpy uniforms as they competed in teams to spend more time with Katie.

Hunter set the tone of the date by tackling and taking down a member of the opposing team.

Hunter claimed he loved how aggressive the date got, but it ended when Michael A. got the wind knocked out of him.

Once the date wrapped up, Hunter was blunt about how he felt he was the most deserving of Katie’s rose.

Bachelor Nation did not love the intense vibes that Hunter was projecting.

One critic tweeted, “I have to agree with Aaron, I get major circus person vibes from Hunter. I don’t trust him.”

Another observed the red flags in Hunter’s behavior after stating that he loved the “aggression level.”

Another viewer expressed the confusion Bachelor Nation felt when he stated, “I don’t want to sound cocky or over confident….. but there is no one else like me here.”

One other viewer thought there was no reason for his over-confidence.

They wrote, “I want to know why Hunter feels this confident. There’s still way too many guys there to be feeling yourself like that…”

Viewers seemed disappointed when Hunter got the group date rose after his behavior.

“Bachelor Nation when Hunter actually gets the group date rose after we all thought he was crazy,” one user tweeted.

Others felt contestants like Michael A. and Greg deserved the rose.

“The fact hunter got a rose not even Michael or Greg like what,” a critic wrote.

The Bachelorette contestants aren’t happy with Hunter

Hunter was on a high after his group date, taking energy into the cocktail party.

“I was aggressive, and I got a rose. So, moving forward, that’s my strategy,” Hunter stated in a confessional.

Hunter then stole Katie away from one-on-one time, even though he had already won a rose from the group date.

Typically, one-on-one time is for men who didn’t win a rose yet. This allows them a chance to prove their connection with Katie before the rose ceremony.

This naturally perturbed the other men — even enough to overshadow Blake Moynes’ entrance. There was hardly a single contestant who didn’t say something.

However, Hunter stated he would let no one “steal my joy.”

It’s clear that Hunter is shaping up to be the next villain and owning that role.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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