Is Captain Sean Meagher joining a Below Deck spin-off? The captain weighs in, talks Captain Lee and Eddie too

Captain Sean from Below Deck dishes Captain Lee Rosbach, Eddie Lucas and his feelings on editing.
Captain Sean had a brief stint on Below Deck but he is proud of his actions. Pic credit: Bravo

Is Captain Sean Meagher joining a Below Deck spin-off? The captain weighs in on that hot topic, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Eddie Lucas as he looks back on his Below Deck Season 9 experience.

Although Captain Sean’s time on Below Deck was brief, he enjoyed his time on the hit Bravo show. Below Deck fans had mixed reviews about the captain. It mostly had to do with the fact he wasn’t Captain Lee, though.

Season 9 kicking off without the stud of the sea was on it wasn’t easy for Below Deck viewers to watch. Captain Lee, after all, is the face of the OG show.

Hot on the heels of his time on the show ending, Captain Sean has teased that Below Deck fans may not have seen the last of him.

Is Captain Sean Meagher joining a Below Deck spin-off?

Captain Sean recently stopped by The Domenick Nati Show for a quick chat with host Domenick Nati. One of the topics the host brought up was if Captain Sean’s future with the hit yachting franchise.

Domenick questioned if the captain would be open to replacing Captain Lee permanently or even be part of a Below Deck spin-off.

“I would be open to that. Again, I don’t think Lee is going anywhere. I don’t think there’s a need for Lee to go anywhere. If there’s a spin-off to be had, yeah. I would definitely, 100%. I had a really fun time doing the show, and I would definitely do a spin-off of that show in a minute,” Captain Sean expressed.

Discussions regarding the captain becoming a fixture in the Below Deck franchise may be further along than fans expected. When Domenick asked if there had been talks about Captain Sean joining a Below Deck spin-off, the captain was very coy.

Captain Sean didn’t confirm or deny he’s been chatting about becoming part of the Below Deck family on a more permanent basis. Perhaps the captain is part of either Below Deck Down Under or Below Deck Adventure and isn’t allowed to say just yet.

Captain Sean talks Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach

Another subject Domenick asked about was Captain Sean’s thoughts on how he was edited on the Bravo show. Thanks to Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims following her Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 stint, editing is a hot topic.

“I got back to the producers and said I think, they, you know at the end of the day they gotta do a show, and I don’t think I was edited completely unfairly,” Captain Sean stated.

The question brought up Captain Sean’s relationship with first-officer Eddie. Domenick declared it seemed Eddie and Captain Sean did not get along.

“No, that’s not true at all. There’s a relationship between Lee and Eddie. You know Lee looks at Eddie like a son. I had a different relationship with Eddie. I needed him to do a job,” the captain dished.

Captain Sean Meagher may not be done with the Below Deck franchise just yet. However, he won’t be taking over for Captain Lee Rosbach and likely won’t be working with Eddie Lucas again.

Would you want to see the captain on a Below Deck spin-off?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

HELL NO! I don’t ever want to see Captain Sean on any Bravo show. He is overly annoying, obnoxious and micro manages the crew. He also thinks his s**t doesn’t stink. Go far, far away Captain Sean never to be seen again. Bravo viewers never want to see at the helm of any boat including a dingy.

Barbara Jean Hoffman
Barbara Jean Hoffman
2 years ago

He is a micro manager. I will not watch the spinn-off. Seanmakes me nervous. A lot like a flea on a hot griddle.