Is Amy Duggar King pregnant? Here’s why fans think she is

Amy Duggar King on 19 Kids and Counting.
Amy Duggar King may have hinted she is expecting. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King teased fans with a cute photo of herself and her husband, Dillon King. 

The couple has been there for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, spending time with them and supporting them as they walked away from the reality TV world. 

They welcomed their first child in October 2019. She was pregnant when she lost her Grandma Mary Duggar in June 2019, which profoundly impacted her. Amy and Dillon have been very active with Daxton, and he is well-loved by her mom, Deanna Duggar. 

Is Amy Duggar King pregnant?

On Instagram, Amy Duggar King shared a photo that was taken of herself and Dillon King. She asked fans to “caption this” and left everyone in the comment section hanging. 

Many of her followers commented that they believe that she is pregnant with baby number two. Amy has yet to respond, but it was pretty obvious her fans were on the same page for the most part. 

One follower wrote, “Guess what honey.. We’re pregnant [pregnant woman emoji]”

Another said, “Baby no2”

Comments from Amy Duggar King's post.
Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

What has Amy Duggar King been up to since leaving the reality TV world?

It’s been a while since Amy Duggar King has been a part of the Duggar reality TV world. She was a part of the 19 Kids and Counting show, where she showed off her incredible singing voice and her attempt to become a star. 

Since then, she has separated from the Duggars for the most part. There were rumors that Jim Bob Duggar stopped her contact with the daughters and supervised their visits. Amy showed up for Jill Duggar when she walked away from the family and the show. 

Now, Amy is busy being a mom to Daxton and running her own boutique. Things appear to be going well, and she is active on the social media account for the store. 

Followers know she spends a decent amount of time with Jill Duggar as well. The cousins often go thrift shopping and do outings with their little boys. Sharing to their Instagram stories is a big thing for them, and it looks like the genuine connection between them is unique. 

Whether Amy Duggar King is expecting her second child remains to be seen. She will likely return to social media with an announcement if that is the case, but for now, she has yet to respond. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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