If Real Housewives of Miami is rebooted, Wendy Williams wants to join cast

Talk show host Wendy Williams show interest in joining the Real Housewives of Miami
Wendy Williams wants to join the Real Housewives of Miami. Pic credit: ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Rumors have been swirling that Bravo wants to reboot the Real Housewives of Miami, and it seems controversial talk show host Wendy Williams has her sights set on joining the cast.

Nothing has been set in stone quite yet regarding the reality show’s official return to TV or who will be involved if it does get a reboot.

As for the freshly divorced talk show host, she’s already a fan of the Housewives franchise and has had several cast members on her show over the years.

But now, she wants to shoot her shot!

Wendy wants to become a Housewife

The 56-year-old recently dished about the Real Housewives of Miami during her Hot Topic segment on The Wendy Williams show on Thursday.

She had a few ideas of who should be apart of the reboot if it does come to fruition.

Williams suggested original member Larsa Pippen as an option as she has been in the press recently with her own share of drama.

“They have Larsa Pippen, and why not? Larsa Pippen stirs the pot while looking beautiful doing it,” said Wendy to her audience.

She added, “Larsa Pippen is a friend to our show or a friend to me when I hung out… I like her, I’ve never had a problem with Larsa Pippen and  she is a good talker; she’s told me stuff I haven’t even shared with you.”

However, Wendy had someone else in mind to join the cast, herself.

But not as a full-time Housewife.

The talk show host wants to be a friend of the show and she seemed to be making a pitch to Bravo head honcho, Andy Cohen during the segment.

“Now here’s what I was thinking, and Andy, this would benefit the Housewives of Miami because all of a sudden I could tell you how my weekend was on Mondays when I come back,” Wendy pitched.

“My whole family lives in Miami. Even my son [Kevin Hunter Jr.] is on board with this. He’s like, ‘You should be a friend of the show,'” added Wendy.

Wendy has ties to other Housewives

This wouldn’t be Wendy’s first foray into the world of Bravo Housewives. At one point, she was actually friends with NeNe Leakes, an OG of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Although the controversial talk show host has never appeared on RHOA in person, there have been scenes where NeNe has spoken to her on the phone.

Wendy and NeNe have since had a falling out, which interestingly stemmed from an interview that she did with Andy Cohen.

So now that the Bravo boss and the talk show host are fast friends, Andy may very well consider her to join RHOM, who knows! Wendy would certainly bring the drama.

Would you like to see Wendy Williams on The Real Housewives of Miami reboot?

The Real Housewives of Miami has been on hiatus on Bravo since 2013.

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