How old is Momma Dee on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta? Lil Scrappy’s mom is back for Season 9

Momma Dee on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
Momma Dee doesn’t look her age. Pic credit: VH1

Momma Dee is back for Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and she is already bringing the drama. She opened up the season talking about the health issues that have been plaguing her.

All of the health problems Momma Dee described during her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta confessional on Season 9 has viewers wondering how old the reality star is. She has a lot going on with her body, but she may not be as old as people think.

How old is Momma Dee from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Currently, Momma Dee is 56. She was born in September 1963 and will be celebrating a birthday later this year.

She has been out there hustling for years, and despite engaging in some risky behavior, Momma Dee still looks good. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta viewers may have pegged her for a little older based on her medical issues and her most recent look on the show.

What is wrong with Momma Dee?

Lil Scrappy’s mom has been going through it. On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she revealed that she had undergone three surgeries and was waiting on a fourth to happen.

In the confessional, Momma Dee revealed she had a kidney stone that ruptured her bladder in the middle of the night and caused an infection in her body. She went on to say that it was severe and was life and death at one point, leading viewers to wonder what has been going on with her lately.

When arriving at Lil Scrappy’s house, Momma Dee came with a walker. She was scooting through the house. At that point, Lil Scrappy was talking in a confessional about how the alcohol she drinks is affecting everything that was happening. He revealed his concerns, especially with another surgery upcoming.

At the point when last night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was filmed, Momma Dee was sober. She blew into a breathalyzer while visiting Lil Scrappy and Bambi, and it read zero. Both revealed they were proud of her. Momma Dee teared up as she explained she wants to live for them.

This is just the beginning of Momma Dee and her adventures this season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It wouldn’t be the same without her turning up a little bit, even if it is because of her health. Hopefully, viewers will find out what happens next for the reality star as the season plays out.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Monday nights at 8/7c on VH1.

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