Is Sierra on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta going to jail?

Sierra Gates on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 9
Sierra Gates is doing everything she can to stay out of jail. Pic credit: VH1

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 9 premiered on Monday night, and, along with it, we learned that Sierra Gates has a huge problem on her hands.

She managed to get herself in some legal trouble that could put the Glam Shop owner behind bars. Now, Sierra is doing everything that she can to undo the mess and keep herself out of jail.

What did Sierra Gates do?

As seen on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Sierra Gates has been accused of battery on a pregnant woman. Making matters even worse, it was the woman pregnant with her ex-husband Shooter Gates’ child.

The alleged battery stems from an incident back in 2017, but according to Bossip, charges weren’t even filed until summer 2019.

Because of the seriousness of the charges due to the other woman being pregnant at the time, just one of the three charges that Sierra is facing could potentially put her in jail for up to five years. On the show, she said that she could go away for one year, but it looks like things could actually be worse for her.

During the LHHATL premiere, Sierra didn’t deny putting her hands on another woman and she seems aware of the serious nature of the crime. However, she also seems to think that it was well-deserved, as she claims the other woman had been harassing her to the point where she just lost control.

In the confessional, Sierra explained that it all went down at the funeral for Shooter’s son, Rodricous Gates Jr., who was shot to death. She claims Rod Jr.’s mother tried to fight her and then lied to police about it, claiming that Sierra beat her up.

Sierra begs Shooter to help her out

“I keep asking you to come to this court date that I got coming up,” Sierra said to Shooter on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. “And testify and tell that I am innocent. If I can get you to come and tell the side of the story how she been harassing, how she been lying, how she done had you locked up before then they probably would dismiss my case.”

Shooter Gates made it really clear that he will not be doing that. He told Sierra, “You know what you did, you know what you didn’t do.”

Then he said he isn’t interested in snitching, he doesn’t want to go to court, and that Sierra can take care of her own business.

It’s not really surprising that Shooter doesn’t want to help Sierra. He even brings up going to court for his son every day and how Sierra didn’t show up, and then questioned why he should show up for her.

Now, Sierra has to figure out another plan to keep herself out of jail because Shooter Gates is not trying to step in and save her. Will she end up spending time in jail for battery of a pregnant woman?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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