How many Below Deck Med episodes are left in Season 8?

Jessika Asai on Below Deck Med Season 8
Jessika and crew are winding down their Below Deck Med stint. Pic credit: Bravo

After a three-week holiday hiatus, Below Deck Med finally returns with new episodes to wrap up Season 8.

Below Deck Med fans have been waiting for the hiatus to end to wrap up Season 8.

Honestly, most viewers are ready to move on to Below Deck Season 11 and see how Captain Kerry Titheradge does on the OG show.

There’s no question that this season has been toxic and brought drama to the point it became hard to watch.

However, the good news is the season will soon be put to bed now that Captain Sandy Yawn and the Mustique crew are back.

The question of just how much longer Below Deck Med Season 8 will be on has become quite popular among viewers.

How many Below Deck Med episodes are left in Season 8?

On the Bravo website, the schedule runs through Monday, January 22, with new episodes of Below Deck Med every Monday night. That means at least three new episodes remain in Season 8 of Below Deck Med.

Now, that would be the right amount to end the season and keep in line with previous seasons of the show. Only one more charter remains after the current one. That suggests three episodes remain, including the Monday, January 8 episode.

If, by some chance, Below Deck Med has a major bombshell that adds another episode, then four new episodes are left in Season 8. However, that seems unlikely considering everything that has happened so far and what would really be worth an entire extra episode.

We are not counting a reunion show in the new episodes because it hasn’t been confirmed that one will happen. Hopefully, details or confirmation of a reunion show will come out soon.

What can fans expect from the rest of Season 8 of Below Deck Med?

Perhaps the biggest thing Below Deck Med fans have to look forward to before Season 8 ends is the return of Natalya Scudder. The stew shakes things up when she pops in for a crew night out.

Natalya has a make-out session with Luka Brunton that leads to many problems. Jessika Asai gets jealous of Luka and Natalya, so she turns around and kisses Max Salvador, pissing off Lily Davison.

Aside from that, the charter guests are over-the-top demanding, and the Mustique crew isn’t done dealing with sick crew members. Plus, tempers flare as the yachties are drained from the season, making for some interesting entertainment.

Be sure to tune in to see how Below Deck Med Season 8 wraps things up.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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3 months ago

Time to stop this season. It is too painful to watch Tumi and Kyle. Max is tolerable but annoying.