How did Big Brother’s Brett Robinson do on The Circle?

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Brett Robinson played Big Brother and then joined The Circle. Pic credit: @BrettWRobinson/Instagram

Brett Robinson from Big Brother 20 took his shot at winning The Circle in Season 5.

The latest season of the Netflix reality competition show released four more episodes on January 11, taking everyone one step closer to revealing the winner.

We will have to wait until January 18 to find out who won Season 5 of The Circle, but we already have a good handle on how Brett did on this show.

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On the first episode of the season, the eight contestants started to get to know each other, but then they got blindsided by learning that two people would be blocked on Day 1.

Brett and Xanthi Perdikomatis ended up as the people getting blocked, putting them out of the game before they even got a chance to really start playing.

A twist from the producers allowed Brett and Xanthi to return as a duo, where they were required to take on the persona of a woman named Jennifer in order to keep competing.

Brett and Xanthi as Jennifer on The Circle

For weeks, the tandem of Brett and Xanthi acted as though they were a 51-year-old who was all about love. Jennifer progressed through quite a few eliminations, surviving by getting people to love the catfish persona.

In the latest four episodes that were revealed, Jennifer was given a special power by Sasha, a 23-year-old blogger. But Sasha was also a catfish, with Season 1 cast member Shubham Goel returning for some more fun.

Jennifer (Brett and Xanthi) was able to hack a player, and they chose to hack Chaz in order to get one of their real targets out. The plan worked, but in the following episodes, they were discovered as being the hacker, just about ruining their game.

The Circle Season 5 winner

On the January 18 episode (The Circle Season 5, Episode 13) we will find out who won the big cash prize. Unfortunately, Jennifer (Brett and Xanthi) will not be winning after she (they) burned too many bridges.

Based on what has happened so far on the season, it looks like the winner is going to be Raven Sutton or Chaz Lawery, two players who have played really honest games to this point.

This does mean that Brett Robinson has made it to the final episode of The Circle Season 5, even though he isn’t going to be sitting in the winner’s chair on finale night.

More Big Brother news

Looking ahead to Summer 2023, Big Brother returns to CBS. Recently, host Julie Chen Moonves teased a possible BB25 theme, which has divided fans quite a bit.

And there have also been some new rumors about people from the past few seasons joining Big Brother 25.

The Circle Season 5 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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