Holiball on Shark Tank: What makes these inflatable Christmas ornaments special and where can you buy them?

holiball on shark tank episode december 4
The Holiball faced the sharks on a Shark Tank episode during the holiday season. Pic credit: @sharktankabc/Instagram

Many people are looking to take their indoor and outdoor decorating to a new level each holiday season.

The recent demonstration of Holiball on Shark Tank is likely to have piqued viewers’ curiosity as far as adding this special Christmas ornament to their decor.

The inflatable ornament could really add to one’s holiday scene at home or elsewhere. Here are more details on this unique product and where to find it right now.

What is The Holiball all about?

The Holiball arrived on the December 4 episode of Shark Tank. Three business owners pitched the product to the sharks to get their feedback and possibly assist in making this product even better.

This special holiday decoration is best described as “a larger than life, inflatable, deflatable, re-useable ornament” that comes in two sizes and a range of different colors. Customers can purchase them in 18-inch or 30-inch sizes depending on their needs.

While the ornament itself comes in a smaller-sized box, they will inflate to the larger size using a household electric air pump, air compressor, or a special pump sold via Holiball. From there, owners can use them to decorate in many creative ways.


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The clear advantage of having an inflatable ornament is the fact that owners can use it as needed for the Christmas holiday season and deflate it for compact storage once it’s no longer necessary.

The inflatable ornament is also versatile in how it can be used. It goes indoors and outdoors. Customers and businesses could place the ornaments on the lawn, hang them up, or even float them in pools with some additional items to secure them.

The ornaments are also made of UV-resistant engineered polymer, which can hold up in any climate. In addition to that, they can be cleaned by simply using soap and water.

Amberly, Kristy, and Jennifer are three cousins from Houston who founded, created, and developed Holiball. The three ladies pitched their holiday-themed product together on Shark Tank. In the clip below, they give an overview of Holiball to the sharks, with one member of the panel wanting to get involved in their business.


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Where is The Holiball available?

The Holiball can currently be purchased online through the official website here. An 18-inch diameter Holiball is $40, while a 30-inch diameter Holiball sells for $60.

Customers can opt for as many of the Holiballs as they need with color options including Classic Red, Vintage Red, Vintage Green, Silver, Gold, Pearl White, Green, Pink, Frosted Blue, Holly Green, Cranberry, Merlot, and more.

There’s even a popular Whataburger Holiball collaborative ornament that is sold out, as of this report. Depending on how much more this ornament grows, it’s possible customers may see more styles and collaborations in the future.

The Holiball website also offers customers their very own pump to inflate the ornament. The Holiball Fast Flow Inflator costs $35 and is also sold out, as of this writing.

The Eventeny website is also selling Holiball for the same prices as the official product’s website. In addition to the websites, there is an official Holiball Instagram page. The IG page often shows off unique ways the items are being used to decorate!

Many more customers will most likely be adding these special ornaments to their homes, neighborhoods, businesses, or community areas for the holiday season!

Shark Tank airs Friday at 8/7c on ABC.

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