The 15 best Christmas movies on Netflix (2021)

Christmas movies on Netflix
Klaus and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Pic credit: Netflix/Universal

There is nothing better for families every holiday season than sitting down and watching a great Christmas movie together.

In today’s streaming world, Netflix has you covered. Whether you want to watch a great holiday classic, some fun animated Christmas movie, or a new Netflix original movie, there is something here for everyone.

Here is a look at 15 great Christmas movies you can stream right now on Netflix.

Every month, Netflix deletes movies from its streaming service when contracts expire. The good news is that Netflix also had plenty of great movies to replace them.

Bookmark this page, as we will update this article every month to remove the films that drop off and add great new Christmas movies you can enjoy every month.

Updated in October 2021: Every month, Netflix removes several movies from its streaming service, meaning that you don’t know from one month to the next what movies will no longer be available to stream. Luckily, we are here for you.

Even as Christmas is still months away, there will be some holiday classics that leave the streaming giant, but there are always movies there to replace them, and we will make sure to keep this list updated with only movies you can see at this time on Netflix.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011)

Neil Patrick Harris in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
Neil Patrick Harris in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. Pic credit: New Line Cinema

The Harold & Kumar franchise released a comedy holiday movie in 2011.

In A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, the two stoners are still hanging out six years after they ended up in Guantanamo Bay and they still can’t stay out of trouble.

When they burn down Harold’s father-in-law’s prized Christmas Tree, they have to find a way to fix things. The movie has the same humor as the originals and brings back some popular supporting characters.

Holidate (2020)

Sloane and Jackson celebrate on Holidate
Jackson and Sloane get together on the Netflix rom-com, Holidate

Released in 2020, Holidate was a Netflix original movie starring Emma Roberts as a young woman named Sloane who hates the holidays.

This mostly comes from the judgment of coming home to her parents and them judging her for being single. She ends up taking a guy named Jackson who just left the girl he doesn’t really want to be with.

The two agree to pretend to be dating so Sloane’s family will lay off and he can spend Christmas with someone who doesn’t want a commitment.

After the two spend several holidays together as “holidates,” there is little chance they can resist becoming more than friends.

White Christmas (1954)

The Cast of White Christmas
The Cast of White Christmas. Pic credit: Paramount Pictures

For anyone who wants to watch a genuine classic movie masterpiece for Christmas this year, White Christmas is on Netflix.

This is a musical movie starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen, the movie is based around the title song, White Christmas, with a new version recorded for this movie.

The movie takes place in World War II on Christmas Eve when former Broadway star Bob Wallace and aspiring performer Phil Davis set out to entertain the troops.

The movie then moves to the post-war timeframe where they are successful performers and then meet up with their former commanding officer who is having financial problems, so they set out to help him.

A Christmas Catch (2020)

A Christmas Catch
A Christmas Catch. Pic credit: Brain Power Studio Rights

It is a case of cops and robbers in the Christmas movie A Christmas Catch, which hit Netflix this December.

The synopsis is simple: A small-town policewoman (Emily Alatalo) falls for a suspected diamond thief (Franco Lo Presti) right around Christmas time.

The movie isn’t really deep but it has some great acting and a fantastic end, which helps it rise above the rest this Christmas.

If you are looking for a holiday movie but like your police procedural movies as well, this one might be for you.

A Very Country Christmas (2020)

A Very Country Christmas
The cast of A Very Country Christmas. Pic credit: Brain Power Studio Rights

Originally released for the 2017 Christmas season, A Very Country Christmas hits Netflix this year just in time for the festive holidays.

In the movie, a country music star (Greyston Holt) left everything behind to go back to his roots and find his way back to what he really loves. What he doesn’t expect to find was true love.

This is Jeannette (Bea Santos), a busy single mother of little Quinn (Raven Stewart). When the little girl falls for the country music star, a romance with her mother builds.

There have now been three movies in this successful Christmas franchise.

Klaus (2019)

The Netflix original animated Christmas movie Klaus. Pic credit: Netflix

Klaus was an Oscar-nominated movie in 2020 for Best Animated Feature. While it did not win there, it did win the BAFTA for Best Animated Film, as well as seven awards at the Annie’s.

This is an alternative origin story of Santa Claus. In this version, Klaus is about a postman stationed in an island town in the Far North who becomes friends with a reclusive toymaker named Klaus.

Jason Schwartzman voices the postman, Jesper, while J.K. Simmons voices Klaus.

Klaus was purchased by Netflix and distributed by the streaming service, meaning that fans can see it every Christmas whenever they want.

DreamWorks Holiday Classics (2011)

Dreamwork's Holiday Classics
The Madagascar characters in Dreamworks Holiday Classics. Pic credit: DreamWorks

DreamWorks has done a great job of taking its popular movies and creating spin-offs on television, both in cartoons as well as stand-alone televised movies.

Netflix has what is called DreamWorks Holiday Classics, which bunches a series of four animated Christmas movies together for kids to enjoy year-round.

These include Merry Madagascar, Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury, Donkey’s Caroling Christmas-Tacular, and The Madagascar Penguin’s Christmas Caper.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

A Christmas Prince
The holiday movie A Christmas Prince. Pic credit: Netflix

A Christmas Prince is a 2017 Netflix original Christmas movie starring Rose McIver (iZombie) and Ben Lamb.

McIver is an American reporter who is sent to cover a press conference of Prince Richard, a playboy who is expected to abdicate the throne. While there, she is mistaken for an American tutor and pretends to be her to investigate.

She meets the Prince and sees him as a good man, which is not what her magazine was hoping for.

The movie was a huge success and has spawned two sequels.

Home for the Holidays (2017)

Home for the Holidays
The animated movie Home for the Holidays. Pic credit: DreamWorks

In 2015, DreamWorks released the animated movie Home.

In this movie, an alien race known as the Boov invades Earth, but one girl named Gratuity is able to avoid getting captured. She ends up meeting an alien named Oh, a fugitive Boov, and the two work together to free the planet.

Home ended up spinning off into a Netflix animated series, and in 2017, a holiday movie was released straight to Netflix called Home for the Holidays.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight (2015)

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight
The Marvel heroes in Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight. Pic credit: Marvel Animation

Marvel Animation has released a lot of straight to video movies over the years, and they have a Christmas movie involving everyone’s favorite superheroes.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight is airing on Netflix as one of these movies, and features several popular Marvel favorites.

Loki and the frost giant Ymir want to steal Santa Claus’ powers to conquer the world, and the superheroes have to stop them.

These heroes include Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.

El Camino Christmas (2017)

El Camino Christmas
The cast of El Camino Christmas. Pic credit: Netflix

We are now moving into the “so bad they are good” Christmas movies on Netflix.

El Camino Christmas stars Luke Grimes as Eric, a man who sets out to meet the father he never knew (Tim Allen). However, things go wrong, and he ends up barricaded in a liquor store with five other people on Christmas Eve.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil), Dax Shepard (The Ranch), and Kurtwood Smith (That ’70s Show) give this Netflix original Christmas movie even more star power.

The Christmas Chronicles Pt. 1 and 2 (2018/2020)

The Christmas Chronicles
Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles. Pic credit: Netflix

Before The Christmas Chronicles came out in 2018, no one could have ever believed that Kurt Russell was the Santa Claus we always needed.

The movie has Santa Claus delivering his presents when two children see him in the home and then jump into his sleigh. Sadly, there is a malfunction, and the sleigh crashes, with the presents all getting lost.

It is up to the children and Santa Claus to figure out a way to save Christmas. This Netflix original movie was another success (because it was Kurt Russell … as Santa Claus), and a sequel arrived in time for Christmas in 2020.

Christmas Inheritance (2017)

Christmas Inheritance
Eliza Taylor and Jake Lacy in Christmas Inheritance. Pic credit: Netflix

Released in 2017, Christmas Inheritance was another Netflix original Christmas movie.

This film starred Eliza Taylor, an ambitious heiress who is told that she has to deliver a Christmas card to her father’s old partner in Snow Falls.

This is a town she never knew about and she heads to in order to inherit her dad’s gift business. While snowed in, she meets and falls in love with a local artist, where she — in true Christmas movie fashion — discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Let it Snow (2019)

Let it Snow
The cast of Let it Snow. Pic credit: Netflix

The most recent movie on this list is the Netflix original Christmas movie Let it Snow.

This is a romantic comedy that hit in 2019 that is based on the young adult novel by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle of the same name. The book is three different stories that all intertwine into one Christmas tale.

The movie followed the same template, telling the three stories about a group of high school seniors dealing with personal issues on a snowy Christmas Eve.

Holiday in the Wild (2019)

Holiday in the Wild
Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis in Holiday in the Wild. Pic credit: Netflix

A Netflix original movie from 2019, Holiday in the Wild stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis.

The movie sees Davis starring as Kate, a woman who surprises her husband with a second honeymoon to Zambia when their son leaves for college. However, her husband lets her know he was waiting for the son to leave to ask for a divorce.

She decides to go on the trip anyway and then meets the pilot for the trip in Derek (Lowe). When she gets to the wild, she helps save a baby elephant and ends up falling for Derek as she stays over Christmas at the sanctuary he operates.

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