Here’s why Veronica Rodriguez has a ‘broken jaw and mouth wired shut’ on her birthday

90 Day Fiance star Veronica Rodriguez Instagram selfie
Veronica Rodriguez explains why her jaw is wired shut. Pic credit: @vepyrod/Instagram

Veronica Rodriguez is ringing in her birthday with a yummy-looking chocolate cake, but sadly, she won’t get to taste it.

The 90 Day: The Single Life star revealed that her mouth is wired shut because she broke her jaw.

Veronica opened up about the accident that led to her current condition after concerned social media followers started to ask questions.

The newly minted 38-year-old is making the best of her special day, even though she can’t chow down on her favorite foods.

The brunette beauty looked stunning nonetheless as she posted snaps from the celebration.

Veronica brightened up the room in a bright yellow dress while holding a nicely decorated chocolate cake, with lots of happy birthday streamers and balloons decorating the space.

Veronica Rodriguez has her jaw wired shut as she celebrates her 38th birthday

Veronica shared several snaps on Instagram, including one that showed a close-up of her wired jaw.

“This is ✨💕✨ 38 ✨💕✨💕 Happy birthday to me 🎂🎉,” she wrote in the caption. “I certainly didn’t think I’d be ringing it in with a broken jaw and my mouth wired shut.”

Veronica noted that she is grateful for each year and joked about having “Birthday milkshakes” since the traditional birthday cake is out of the question.

Meanwhile, after Veronica’s revelation, people were eager to find out what led to her wired jaw.

She eventually responded to the queries and explained that she had an unfortunate accident in the gym.

“I was using an ab wheel with an auto recoil and I had it backwards, when I went to roll out the auto recoil kicked in and slammed my face into the marble floor,” shared Veronica.

Veronica Rodriguez explains her broken jaw.
Pic credit: @vepyrod/Instagram

Veronica had to undergo surgery, and there was a painful hiccup afterward because they sent her some without pain medication, so she had to return to the ER.

“I ended up back in the ER yesterday but we got the meds all sorted and I’m back home and doing well 🥰,” noted Veronica.

Veronica Rodriguez explains her broken jaw.
Pic credit: @vepyrod/Instagram

Veronica Rodriguez gets love from her 90 Day Fiance costars

The 90 Day Fiance star also got lots of love and well wishes on her birthday, and we spotted some familiar faces in the mix.

“Happy birthday!!!” commented Loren Brovarnik.

Natalie Mordovtseva showed some love in the comments as well adding, “Happy 38 Birthday girl 🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🦋🖤🔥🌷🔥…”

Debby Johnson shared a sweet message for Veronica and wrote, “Happy Birthday, so sorry about your jaw. Hope you can enjoy that beautiful cake. Have a wonderful day❤️🎂🍰🎁🎉🎈🍷.”

Veronica Rodriguez gets birthday greetings
Pic credit: @vepyrod/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Armando Rubio also said, “Happy Birthday!! 🎈🎂 Best wishes today and always ❤️.”

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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