Here’s why Shep Rose should take a break from Southern Charm

Shep Rose at the Southern Charm reunion
Shep Rose addressed his drinking during the Season 9 Southern Charm reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Part one of the Season 9 Southern Charm reunion was intense.

Shep Rose came out and talked about his issue with alcohol, revealing he had chosen to cut out hard liquor and only drink beer.

The reunion was filmed after BravoCon, where Shep allegedly got his wake-up call. He revealed he was “so so scared” after that weekend in Las Vegas, and Andy Cohen wasn’t shocked.

There were less than stellar moments from the convention for the Southern Charm star, and everyone sitting there knew it.

Andy mentioned Austen Kroll caring for Shep during their Watch What Happens Live appearance. Clearly, he had no recollection of what happened, but those in that room did.

Alcohol has been a big part of filming for Shep and the rest of the cast. However, not everyone goes to the extreme he does on nearly every occasion.

Shep Rose’s Southern Charm co-stars worry about him

As the conversation about Shep Rose and his alcohol issue was discussed, there was mention that he reached out to friends to talk about what was happening.

Austen Kroll and Craig Conover had been invited to be a part of that, but both declined. And if viewers have been watching Southern Charm closely, they will know that Craig has stepped back a bit and changed his focus to Paige DeSorbo and hanging out with Madison LeCroy and her husband, Brett Randle.

Craig addressed it at the reunion, saying, “He’s in a car heading in one direction, and it’s headed right off a cliff.”

Leva Bonaparte may not be a fan favorite, but she had some very clear advice for Shep, telling him he needed to want something more than drinking. She believes his “something more” is Taylor Ann Green and a family.

Shep Rose needs a Southern Charm break

After watching Part One of the Season 9 Southern Charm reunion, it’s clear that Shep Rose needs a break from reality TV.

Redditors weighed in on the situation and seemed to think time away would benefit everyone, not just Shep.

One wrote, “I can’t see Shep beginning a sober journey without quitting the show. We have seen many, many Brovolebs and housewives develop alcohol issues from their shows. Bottom line people are funnier when they drink. It’s unfortunate the pay is such a perk because many people should really put their lives before a show. I have said this before and truly believe that Andy should fire Shannon Beador – it would probably save her life. It maybe time for Shep to go but he wouldn’t give up the celebrity factor.”

Someone else disagreed that they are “funnier.”

Another said, “Shep sounds terrifying, even when not drinking his moods shift to dr. Jekyll to mr. Hyde. The look on Austins face says it all that man is far gone and it’s probably awful to watch.”

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Pic credit: u/enjoyt0day/Reddit

It will be interesting to see where Bravo lands with Southern Charm and whether Shep Rose will return for Season 10.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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